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Lisa's desire for a pet guinea pig leads to the loss of the family's iconic sailboat painting on The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 15.

Marge attempts to replace the old painting with a new one she bought at the Van Houten's yard sale for $20. She and Lisa discover that this landscape was actually painted by a famous artists.

An auctioneer suggests the painting could be worth as much as $100,000. Marge and Homer initially disagree about whether to share the money with Kirk and Luann, but eventually decided not to tell them.

Unfortunately, the Van Houtens do find out and a big fight breaks out between the families, which quickly spreads to the townspeople.

The debate over who should get the money eventually draws the attention of Kirk's former girlfriend who claims that she bought the painting. Her presence breaks up Luann and Kirk. Homer tries to verify the painting's true owner, but ends up finding out that the painting is in fact a forgery.

Watch The Simpsons online to find out how Homer fixes the problems his greed started.

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That's the great thing about art, everyone can have their opinion about why it sucks.


Kettle-corn, the heroin of the farmer's market.