The Vampire Diaries at PaleyFest: Is There Hope for Stelena?

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At the conclusion of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 16, Damon and Elena tore each other's clothes off and may have broken the bed.

But at PaleyFest last night in Los Angeles, Producer Caroline Dries Dries hinted that Delena may need to soon make room for a redux of Stelena.

“There’s some really good Stelena stuff coming up in the episode Paul directed," Dries said, referring to it as “satisfying” and “nostalgic,” while Paul Wesley added that it’s “reminiscent of season one.”

Hmmm.... interesting.

What other tidbits did the cast and crew provide? It was difficult to hear over a throng of screaming fans, but here's an idea of what viewers can expect as The Vampire Diaries Season 5 heads toward its finale:

Wesley is all for a Caroline-Stefan hookup, while Julie Plec would only say: “Caroline and Stefan have a lot to do together in the next couple episodes/ They go through some stuff together."

So, yes, there's a chance; a lot more of a chance than Klaus and Caroline have of any more hot sex in the woods.

“If they were still on the same show, they might have a brief moment of something,” Plec said. “Right now, [though] Klaus has [his own] shut to do [on The Originals].”

Dries did not confirm exactly where Katherine ended up (“I thought it was pretty obvious - her being dragged away in a church), but teased that we could possibly, maybe, someday see Katherine again: ”Never say never on our show.”

There will be trouble ahead for Stefan. Dries teased that he will soon have a “hard time” and that things “get even worse for Stefan toward the end" of the season.

Damon and Elena have “legit, grown-up conversations” in store, Plec said in response to a question about their status, though Ian Somerhalder piped in and mentioned why those are hard to engage in: “They keep taking their pants off.”

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