The Vampire Diaries Teaser: Hurting the One You Love

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It's over between Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

Except for that whole tearing-each-other's-clothes-off-and-breaking-the-bad thing.

Last night's installment of this CW drama concluded with these two admitting their unhealthy love for each other - and the promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 doesn't look like anything will change next Thursday.

But you know what they say, you always hurt the one you love. Or at least not-so-newbie witch Liv does so. Watch the promo for "Rescue Me" now:

Look for Raffi Barsoumian to debut as Markos on the episode, while Caroline and Enzo spend time in Atlanta and Bonnie learns more about Luke's family.

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Anxious for a peek ahead? Here are photos from the upcoming installment:

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All I know is that right now I wanna rip your clothes off right here in the middle of this hall and throw you in one of these classrooms and kiss every square inch of your body, while a bunch of people who drive minivans listen wishing they were us.


Like a perky blonde angel of death.

Enzo [to Caroline]