The Walking Dead Review: Road Trip

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Just five more minutes?

The anticipation for the end of the line, reaching Terminus and the possible complete reuniting of the main survivors was palpable on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15.

Watching each smaller faction walk those train tracks, edging closer to possible hope - possible sanctuary - was exciting in its possibilities.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Rick, Carl and Michonne - but their brief scene provided some levity to the darkness that has befallen the survivors.

Once again, Michonne was joking, smiling and making fun bets with the game of trying not to fall off the train tracks. I liked that Rick was trying to get them to move along but realizing (and also smiling!) that a short moment of something lighthearted was OK.

And while the other groups were caught in their own dangerous predicaments, they ultimately echoed each other in finding that light at the end of the tunnel.

Glenn and Tara may have had that experience quite literally, but there were moments where I wasn’t so sure Tara was going to survive.

Glenn has been so focused on finding Maggie that he was willing to risk anything to get to her. That included going down the dark, creepy tunnel that had the sounds of walkers. Smart? No.

But he was also the guy that went into the well containing the bloated walker in The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4.

While it was frustrating he would move headlong into obvious danger, I was glad that at least Abraham was able to call him out on it. He knew it wasn’t the right move to make, but he wasn’t going to fight Glenn and was even willing to provide a few last minute supplies.

But it was also the chance for Tara to continue to try and pay her debt to Glenn, even if she knew death was pretty much right around the corner. I’m really liking what they are doing with her character, from her talks with Abraham, even Eugune. But especially in trying to make amends for joining the Governor.

She was duped by the Governor and the chaos that followed affected her. Helping Glenn was the cost that her character wanted to pay. And finally finding Maggie ended that part of her journey.

It still seemed pretty improbable that Maggie, Sasha and Glenn managed to get through that mess of walkers (why didn’t they choose to go around? Same reason as Glenn?), but it was a pleasant reuniting.

And there was plenty of tension in that tunnel beforehand with the clambering walkers and Tara looking ready to be the next character to meet her fate. There’s something about the dark and the undead that’s just creepy, even if you wish Glenn didn’t put himself and Tara at risk.

I really find Abraham, Eugene and Rosita intriguing and a positive addition to the show. While we haven’t quite gotten to the mission of Washington D.C., the trio is fitting in nicely.

Although, it seemed pretty suspect that Eugene kept finding ways to not continue on their mission. Sure, he helped save Glenn and Tara. Sure, a soccer mom minivan probably isn't the best transportation and Terminus might have that. But there was a nagging feeling that he also was avoiding D.C.? Why? What’s up with that?

At least Rosita got some lines so she’s not going to just be an army Barbie added to the group. Hopefully her character continues to get some more to do.

As for Daryl, his new crew was an unseemly bunch. You’d think he would have an easy time fitting in, but this gang of survivors isn’t making it seem like fun. They haven’t really done anything bad yet, but they also don’t seem like such good guys either.

I get following rules such as no lying and stealing, but when they beat the crap out of the guy and put an arrow through him? Not sure if that’s who you want to be hanging out with.

Let’s just hope Daryl gets back to his original group soon, but it’s probably not going to go well when they find Rick. Good luck getting out of that one, Daryl.

However, in the end, it was finally reaching Terminus, walking into that gated place that has me psyched for the season finale. And yet, strangely, very wary. It seems so peaceful and hopeful, but I can’t help but think it’s not going to be.

Was she the only person there? Where are the others? It all just seems too good to be true. If only we just got five more minutes to dive right in.

This was definitely more uplifting than the heavy turn of events Carol had to deal with in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14, but in the zombie apocalypse, is there really such a thing as a happy ending? Either way, it was the perfect setup for what’s hopefully a riveting conclusion to The Walking Dead Season 4 that sends the series into an enthralling new direction.

Do you think Terminus is a safe haven?

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