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Danny was right in Twisted Season 1 Episode 18 when he said that Charlie wanted his life. This week while Jack sat in jail, we saw Charlie plant Vikram's bloody cell phone in Jack's warehouse.

When Danny put all of this together and he tried to tell Jo and Lacey the truth, but Lacey still felt too scorned to believe him. 

Lacey tried to explore an attraction to Whitney, but realized she still had Danny on the brain. 

Jo thought Danny was exaggerating everything until she went to Charlie's later and he started saying some really crazy things. Find out what they were when you watch Twisted online!

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

How good is this lawyer? Because I'm not letting an innocent man go to jail for something that I did.


I think you did it. Murdered him for the money and the chance to be with his wife.

Kyle [to Jack]