Vikings Review: Kattegat Reclaimed

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Lagertha and Bjorn had a few moments to reunite with old friends, on Vikings this week before Ragnar arrived and ended the pleasantries. They've got an attack to plan after, all right?!?

Vikings Season 2 Episode 5 brought everyone together for the first time this season, if only briefly. Jarl Borg was sent packing, while Athelstan is slowly slipping into madness.

There were plenty of visions and prophecies to go around as well.

I am really enjoying this new and improved Rollo. It's like the opening battle this season exorcised all his demons and he's finally on the right path.

The expression on Clive Standen's face as he greets Lagertha and Bjorn after many years was wonderful. There's a peace there that didn't exist before and he carries himself in a completely different manner. I like this guy, and I can see him becoming a leader in his own right.

Lagertha is pleased to see Siggy but when Aslaug catches her eye, she walks over to the princess. The two women share a moment, as Aslaug introduces Lagertha to her boys. Even Bjorn behaves admirably toward the princess, which must have been difficult for him.

Ragnar puts an end to the reunion because he is eager to plan his attack. It was a wise move to destroy Jarl Borg's food supply rather than attack him head on. Ragnar tasks two men with creating a diversion, while he and Bjorn set fire to Borg's grain. That axe to the face was impressive right? It seemed as though Ragnar wanted to keep Bjorn close, to test him. Does he think his son can not handle himself?

Jarl Borg and his men ride out to an open field where they are greeted by Floki, Rollo, Ragnar and the others. I'm not sure why Ragnar didn't have enough men before, then all of a sudden there's an army behind him as they meet Borg in battle. Was it more about the element of surprise?

As all the battles in Vikings Season 2, tonight's was well choreographed yet chaotic. Organized chaos I guess I'd call it. The cast says they train for hours for these fights, yet when the camera rolls everyone just goes crazy. Ragnar and Lagertha spent much of the battle looking over their shoulder for Bjorn.

They were too distracted worrying about their son to be out there. At one point, Bjorn falls to the ground and Ragnar rushes to his side shouting for him to get up. Ragnar spots Borg and goes after him, but realizing he'd been defeated Borg high tails it out of there.

Rollo: You fought well today Bjorn.
Bjorn: Thank you uncle.
Ragnar: You have a lot to learn.

Ragnar and his family return victorious to Kattegat and the people seem genuinely happy to see them. Living under Jarl Borg's rule must have been very different, otherwise why the fuss? Why would the townsfolk be so glad that Ragnar's returned?

Meanwhile over in Wessex, King Ecbert seeks Athelstan's council regarding a young woman left scarred by her husband. He asks how the Pagan's would handle this situation. Isn't it interesting how Athelstan has come full circle? Not long ago he was advising Ragnar regarding Christians and their beliefs. This goes to show us just how similar Ragnar and King Ecbert really are.

Athelstan has a conversation with Ecbert's son, Aethelwulf, about going back to Northumbria with them. The former monk, now wearing a monk's clothes again, has a vision of the virgin Mary coming towards him. She turns out to be the scarred girl from earlier wanting to thank him.

A bit later, Athelstan's visions continue during mass. When the bishop places the body of Christ on his tongue, he spits it out, but not before Aethelwulf catches him. You know this is going to mean trouble down the line. I'm honestly not sure what to make of Athelstan's visions? What about that demon that scratched him on the face? Is our tiny Viking suffering a psychotic break?

The crowds gather in the town square at Kattegat. Rollo offers up one of Borg's men as a sacrifice to the gods for their victory in battle.

Ragnar stops the execution, but only to see if his son has the stomach to behead their prisoner himself. Bjorn completes the task, no questions asked yet Ragnar seems rather unimpressed. Apparently, his father is harboring some resentment toward Bjorn.

Is it because his son chose to leave with Lagertha instead of remaining by his side? Could it be he thinks living in Scandinavia with Earl Sigvard has made him spoiled or weak? Perhaps it's a combination of all these things. Either way, Bjorn is going to have to work hard to earn his place and his father's respect.

Ragnar visits the Seer and this scene provides some rare comic relief, as the Seer tells a story Ragnar quickly tires of. I found the story of the feet incredibly amusing, if only to watch Travis Fimmel's expressions. For Ragnar it's simple, he loves both these women, both have given him sons... he wants them both. The Seer tells him very matter-of-factly, you're fooling yourself if you think the choice is yours to make.

While Bjorn plays with his little half-brothers, Aslaug talks of her next pregnancy and a fearful prophecy. I'm not sure which prophecy she was referring to. Is this a prophecy we have not heard about yet?

Ragnar visits Rollo and Siggy to talk to Lagertha. He sees how happy his son is now that he's home and is wondering what Lagertha plans to do.

Lagertha: Bjorn is very happy here.
Ragnar: Then he should stay. You both should stay.
Lagertha: Your wife will not be happy.
Ragnar: I imagine not.

A warrior approaches Ragnar in the main hall and talks of the Wessex slaughter. King Horik escaped but when Ragnar asks about Athelstan, the man has no idea who he is talking about. It's about time Ragnar remembered his friend. Will he and his men head back to Wessex to bring the tiny Viking home?

Lagertha and Bjorn soon enter and Ragnar's ex-wife tells him she has come to a decision. Bjorn wants to stay and who can blame him? She gives her permission and asks that Ragnar look after him. It was a very emotional speech and I thought Katheryn Winnick played it beautifully. While Lagertha claims it's her responsibility to return to her husband, I have a feeling it's more about settling a score.

Before she rides off, Aslaug thanks Lagertha for everything and they share a tender moment. Is there peace on the horizon for these two strong women?

Now it's time to see what you thought of the episode. Hit the comments below and let me know what your favorite moment from tonight's show was. Want to check out the episode again or catch one you might have missed? Watch Vikings online right here at TV Fanatic!

Will Lagertha kill Earl Sigvard and return to Kattegat for good?

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Vikings Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Rollo: You fought well today Bjorn.
Bjorn: Thank you uncle.
Ragnar: You have a lot to learn.

Lagertha: Bjorn is very happy here.
Ragnar: Then he should stay. You both should stay.
Lagertha: Your wife will not be happy.
Ragnar: I imagine not.