2 Broke Girls: Watch Season 3 Episode 21 Online

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Poor Max had to deal with the ultimate bridezilla (played by guest star Lindsay Lohan) in 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 21.

Max and Caroline try to make a wedding cake for the bride, but when the woman can't seem to make up her mind about anything, it takes Max nearly to the breaking point. 

Is there another reason why their newest gig is making Max lose her mind? How does Max end up in a wedding dress by the time everything is over?

Watch 2 Broke Girls online and find out. 

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Han: It’s that time of year again.
Max: I’m so jealous. I can’t believe you only get your period once a year.

Who are what did you do to get this $20 tip?