American Dad: Watch Season 10 Episode 15 Online

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This was an exciting episode of American Dad.

It was centered on Stan infiltrating a leftist cell that's plotting a terrorist attack, yet he gets found out.

When he's brought home by a radical group, Hayley believes something is amiss and that her father may have been "turned" by the enemy. That's never good, is it?

Find out how it all unfolded when you watch American Dad online:

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American Dad Quotes

Snot: I'm with Beezus on this one, guys. Ramona went into her room. No permission! The sign said "do not enter."
Steve: Do not enter the kingdom of Heaven"! Beezus is a Christ figure! Her name rhymes with Jesus! [points at a page in his book] It's right there!

Francine: [having seen Roger on TV, disguised as Terry and Greg's adopted child] Roger is their adopted baby?!
Klaus: But that can't be! I just saw Roger sleeping in the attic! He was 2 pillows and a soccer ball. Oh, wait a minute.