Arrow Picture Preview: Roy, Unleashed

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A world of hurt is about to rain down on Starling City, courtesy of Roy Harper.

Pumped with a new dose of Mirakuru - thanks to Slade Wilson - Roy goes on a terror spree in the city he loves on Arrow Season 2 Episode 20. Sara wants to kill him, but Thea thinks she can get through to him.

Thea uses Moira's campaign event to go on camera to lure Roy back to Verdant to try to break through to him. Poor Thea. She still doesn't know the depths of the mess she's in.

When Roy turns on Thea, Team Arrow unleashes its power on him to stop him. Will it work? Will he be safe? We'll have to tune in to watch, but these photos give a good preview of what's to come. Let's hope if he lives Roy has no memory of what he does to Thea. She'll be hurting enough for them both!

Flip through the pics and thenĀ watch Arrow online to find out how Roy got into this mess!

And here's your first look at the trailer for "Seeing Red."

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