Blue Bloods Review: The Mommy Makeover

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Everyone feels like their life needs a makeover from time to time - but most of us don't go under the knife for it.

If only Nicole Garland had actually gone to Aruba in Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 18 instead of trying to surgically improve herself for her philandering husband. 

When Dr. Garland tried to explain why he lied to the police about spending the night with his mistress, Danny's explanation was straight to the point in this Blue Bloods quote...

Is because encouraging your wife to get plastic surgery while you're running around banging some younger broad would make you look like more of an ass than you already are.


Never underestimate Danny's talent for the direct approach. I also found it amusing that Danny was the one to notice the manicure on the video and remember that the nurse had the same design on her nails. 

Erin disappointed me for much of the first half of the episode. I know that speed dating was Linda's idea and that it wasn't going well, but McCoy was right to call her out on her behavior. Taking phone calls on a date is rude under ordinary circumstances but having only five minutes to speak with someone makes it even worse.

Then she practically snarled at the guy when he showed up in her office concerning a case. The only time she was remotely nice to the man was when she realized how he'd gone out of his way for his client. He must have it bad for Erin because she certainly never gave him much of a hint that she was interested in dating.

Frank assigned Jamie to the off the books cold case of Michelle Lowe. He admitted that the case wasn't his smartest move but he'd made a promise to Michelle's mother. Putting Jamie in charge solved two issues. First, he needed someone he trusted could do the job while keeping things quiet. Second, Frank knew that Jamie needed a challenge.

I immediately knew that the killer was the creepy neighbor when he mentioned that the victim was "powerless over alcohol." That line was a giant red flag and thankfully one that Jamie never forgot. 

Eddie's reaction to being left out in the cold was interesting. Part of it was being stuck writing traffic summons but mostly I think she hated feeling as though Jamie didn't trust her.,

Yet again, the Reagan family dinner was some of the most entertaining two minutes on TV. I couldn't help but laugh as Henry said he didn't see the appeal in big boobs and puffy lips and Jack shot back that he did. Even better was that no one at the table chastised him for an honest opinion. 

Time to share, TV Fanatics. Would you ever have plastic surgery to improve your looks? 

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Don't even try testing my knowledge of high end shoes.


Linda: I live in a man cave you know.
Erin: I could use a little more of that. The man, not the cave.