Chicago PD Review: Blasts from the Past

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As Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 11 wound to a close, echoes of the past came back to haunt the The Intelligence Unit.

El Pulpo was pulled out of prison as bait just as Sumner finds an old photograph of Willhite and her family.

A Gang Related Case

It was a bittersweet moment, symbolic of what the unit has lost and a constant reminder of their losses on the job. If the team's vigilance falters even momentarily, there's a chance that all of their hard work could be pulled out from under them.

It's this looming threat that ended up bringing El Pulpo back into their lives. Since Munoz was able to beat the snot out of both Ruzek and Halstead and got away; El Pulpo is the only man who can lure him out again.

As brutal as it was to watch Munoz beat through the two of them, the realism was a welcome site to see. Not every suspects is cuffed immediately and making the team work for it echoes the premiere as well and grounds them a little more than they might otherwise be.

There are still dangerous criminals outside on the streets.

Another blast from the past was Nadia, the same woman Erin left outside the rehab center. While she never took Erin's advice directly in the beginning, she did so eventually.

Her rise and fall from doing drugs chronicled just how quickly someone can change their life around with the right tools and environment, along with just how quickly one can lose it all to their greatest demons.

Nadia, trying to help Erin out and earn Erin's respect once again, was willing to pay that price of admission... so long as she can earn Erin's respect and forgiveness.

With Burgess accompanying Nadia inside the house, she too getting the snot knocked out of her by Munoz; it's probably safe to assume that Burgess might be getting more screen time now that Voight has taken even a cursory interest in her - and she absolutely deserves it since she is forever trying to impress Voight, perhaps to get to Ruzek.

Finally, Sergeant Platt invited Ruzek to meet her father and have dinner with them.

I have to give Ruzek some sympathy here when he wonders why he's bearding for Platt. The entire situation sounds like bearding 101 - meeting the parents one single time - so it was a bit surprising that Platt does end up confirming that she is straight. We all thought Ruzek was on to something.

Is Burgess finally getting closer to Intelligence?

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