Dance Moms Reunion Recap: Screaming Red

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After an explosive and highly emotional Dance Moms Season 4 - highlighted by Kelly physically assaulting Abby, the passing of Maryen Miller and Abby introducing her new “select ensemble” team - executive producer Jeff Collins brought Abby and the parents together for a reunion special worthy of this season’s volatility.

But did any of the non-stop bickering or fighting resolve any issues? Change the already established dynamics between the moms? Or with Abby?

That would be a resounding NO. And, therefore, the reunion, at base value, was simply a shouting match; albeit, a shouting match worth watching, of course.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

First and foremost, Jeff offers Abby condolences for the loss of her mother. Abby tells everyone she still tries to call her mom sometimes. She even admits to burying her mother with both her father’s ashes and Broadway Baby.

I never thought Abby would be able to part with Broadway Baby, especially not after getting her stuffed.

Quickly changing course, Jeff then gets Abby’s opinion on the most incendiary moment of the season - when Kelly physically assaulted her. 

Abby, taking a page out of the Kenya Moore playbook, claims she didn’t “sign up” to be hit in the face. Hmm...interesting. Verbal assault and provocation are totally fine (we all know Abby signed up for that), but physical violence is not acceptable.

What Kelly did was clearly wrong, but Abby should be willing to accept her fault in the altercation. She antagonized Kelly, crowding Kelly’s personal space, waving her finger in her face. Having known Kelly for years, Abby should’ve expected a reaction.

But, clearly, it’s not in Abby’s nature to ever admit fault. She has an excuse for everything. When questioned about why she didn’t find someone to compete directly against Maddie, Abby claims, through three open calls mind you, that she simply couldn’t find anyone in Maddie’s age range.

She could totally find talented 9-year olds and 13-year olds, but no one Maddie’s age (Maddie is 11). Besides, according to Abby, Maddie deserves to win all the time because she works “so hard."

This infuriates Christi, who rightfully believes all the other girls work just as hard. It’s not really fair to compare the work ethic of Maddie versus the other dancers. Maddie and Mackenzie are home schooled, so they have the time to be in the studio more often. End of story.

This just gives Abby the ammo she needs to prove Maddie’s superior dedication to dance.

With Christi already riled up, Jeff decides now would be the perfect time to bring out Melissa and address Christi’s (and Kelly’s) allegation of Abby and Melissa teaching Maddie to be a liar. Alas, Christi refuses to be pit against Abby and Melissa alone, threatening she’s “done.”

Please, Christi. We all know what “done” really means on Dance Moms - “I hate you, Abby, but I’ll be back, anyway.” Christi can’t stand the way Abby treats her daughter, but she damn well knows Abby and the show are giving Chloe the platform and public recognition she wouldn’t get elsewhere.

So, after gathering up her forces in the likes of Holly and Jill, Christi returns to the stage and the reunion continues. Melissa defends her daughter, claiming Maddie didn’t lie; she had no idea she would be performing her duet with Kalani.

Abby, on the other hand, doesn’t really deny telling Maddie to lie. Instead, she decides to loudly profess she decides who dances, PERIOD! Alrighty, then.

And in another calculated move by Jeff, Kalani and Maddie then perform their winning controversial duet, “Two Sapphires.” There’s no denying Kalani and Maddie dance beautifully together, but had they not danced in that competition against Paige and Chloe, Paige and Chloe would’ve come in first, and maybe Kelly and Abby never would have come to blows. Just sayin.

Jeff then targets Jill’s gripe with Christi earlier this season where Chloe “changed” the lineup at a competition, putting herself last, where Kendall should’ve been. Christi is quick to point out Chloe had no malicious intent behind it. Jill bites back, “but it was premeditated.”

Bottom line: Chloe wanted to go last, but she never asked to go last. Next topic, please.

Oh yeah, Abby taking Nia out of the Bollywood number. Holly, who was extra fiery tonight, jumps on Abby’s case for making Nia into an “either/or” dancer. Either she does the group, or she does a solo. Holly’s right. Why does it have to be either/or?

Kendall had both the group routine and a solo that week. Play fair, Abby. Oh wait, I forgot. She’s the dance teacher and she decides who dances what, when. PERIOD.

Speaking of which, Abby has always decided when Payton gets to dance on the team, which obviously irks dance mom Leslie, who Abby characterizes as the “Energizer battery that doesn’t quit.” This time, I absolutely agree with Abby. Give it up already, Leslie!

Payton won’t ever be on the elite team. Abby didn’t even choose Payton to be on her other hand-picked “select ensemble” team. I hate to say it, Leslie, but Abby literally just uses your daughter when she deems it necessary for a particular number. That’s it.

And, finally, no reunion would be complete without Cathy making a nonsensical appearance. This time around she illogically proclaims Abby is the joke and Abby’s choreography is elementary. HA! That’s funny considering Cathy can’t even choreograph her own routines.

By continuing to project her own insecurities onto Abby, Cathy fails to realize the things she and her dance studio need to work on to actually be able to compete against the ALDC.

Kira then makes a swift appearance just to say her experience on the show has been a positive one for both her and her daughter. What? Wasn’t she just cursing out some lady last week? Then again, I guess, on this show, cursing and yelling that doesn’t result in fisticuffs would be a positive thing.

To finish out the reunion and whet our appetites for the return of Season 4, Abby affirms she plans to utilize her new “select ensemble” team to compete against or instead of the original team at events.

Which brings me to my poll question: What do you guys think? Should Abby ever use her new “select ensemble team” instead of the original team?

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