Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Deserved the Slap?

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This week's Days of Our Lives had angry women, scheming exes, and someone getting slapped. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by KathyJ from MyHourglass a Days of Our LIves fan forum to decide if Sami deserved to get slapped, whether Nicole will out Liam and how long will Stefano keep EJ's secret.


Biggest busy body in Salem? Julie making everyone the bad guy but Nick or Ann gleefully ripping apart Daniel?

Nick: Julie, at least Ann has some bones to pick with everyone at the hospital. Julie just runs around sticking her nose in and refuses to believe that Nick's actions and past do have consequences. Instead, she brushes everything under the rug when it comes to Nick and believes everyone else is at fault.

KathyJ:  Ann is the biggest busybody and the most dangerous.  She violated all type of medical confidentiality rules which she as the head of HR should know.   She is willing to ruin a man’s career to get back at her main target, Jennifer.   To her Daniel is just collateral damage.  While annoying and misguided, Julie is looking out for a family member.

Christine:  Do I have to choose? I'll agree with Kathy on this one, Ann is definitely more dangerous. She has the power to ruin someone's career but somehow Julie annoys me more. It seems she manages to remember every one else's faults but when it comes to Nick, she thinks it should all be forgotten. I really just wanted to see Sami roll her eyes and walk away from dear Aunt Julie without even hearing it. 

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Should Will get a custody agreement for his daughter?

Nick: As Gabi inches ever closer to Nick, Sonny's best idea yet is to make sure Will is legally covered when it comes to Ariana. 

KathyJ:  Will should definitely have a custody agreement.  An agreement should have been in place a long time ago.  Now if looks like an after thought and will make Gabi more defensive about Nick and his place in Ari’s life.

Christine:  After Gabi nearly moved to New York with his child, how does he not already have one? With so many lawyers in the family, how has someone besides Sonny not brought this up already. Now Gabi will think this is because of Nick but it simply should have been done long ago.

Will Nicole figure out what Liam has done and will she go public if she does?

Nick: Nicole will figure Liam out, but I'm wondering if Liam is going to blackmail Nicole with the evidence she destroyed since he vaguely mentions it this week. If Liam does do so, then they'll need to figure out some other way to take Liam down.

KathyJ:  Nicole will figure out what Liam has done, in fact, the wheels are already turning. Liam has the shredded documents so Nicole may be hesitant to come forward.  I hope she confesses everything but I don’t think she will.   Nicole is a smart cookie and I hope she can figure out a way to expose Liam.

Christine:  She'll definitely figure it out but I don't know if she'll call him out considering what he probably has on her and I HATE that. Not only could her relationship with Eric be on the line, now her friendship with Daniel could be in danger with bothers me even more. 

Did Sami deserve that slap from Gabi?

Nick: Slapping is a soap staple deserved or not, so I'm all for slapping. Honestly, Sami does run into the apartment mouth flying, so, while she's right, it is deserved.

KathyJ:  Probably.  Sami is handling the situation all wrong.  She is putting Gabi on the defensive and the latest barrage was too much for Gabi.  At least she got Sami’s attention.

Christine:  Yeah, when you storm into someone's home and call them a bitch, you can expect to get slapped. I just wish Sami would be a little smarter when it came to Gabi. Gabi is so easy to manipulate but leave it to Sami to completely blow it.

Will Stefano keep his mouth shut about EJ and Abigail?

Nick: Of course not, Stefano will either make sure someone else finds or figures out the evidence, or continue to use it until it doesn't suit him anymore. Either way, EJabby is about to come out in the open.

KathyJ:  Stefano will do whatever is advantageous for him.  He will keep quiet if he wants to hold it over EJ and get him to do his bidding.  If he wants Sami out of EJ’s life he will let it “slip”.

Christine:  Stefano will hold it over EJ's head as long as that's useful but EJ's in trouble. The moment Sami ticks Stefano off enough that he wants her gone, you know he's going to let it slip somehow.

What was your favorite scene of story line of the week?

Nick: Will and Sonny's honeymoon (surprise!). Even if Days only gave them five minutes of screen time.

KathyJ:  I was most interested in the Brady/Teresa/Maggie scenes.  I want to see how Brady and Teresa’s relationship plays out.  Right now they are using each other and they are both in a bad place.  I like Brady and Maggie together even when they are fighting.  I hope Brady realizes that if Maggie really truly gives up on him -- he is beyond hope.

Christine:  Surprisingly it was JJ and Paige. They're actually kind of sweet together and I even appreciated Daniel coming to JJ's rescue when Jennifer was completely clueless that her son wanted to spend time with the pretty girl. 

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