Drop Dead Diva: Watch Season 6 Episode 3 Online!

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Jane is elated when she gets to co-counsel on the case of rock star Liam Matthews, played by Rick Springfield in Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 3.

However, Jane's co-counselor is the new lawyer Belinda. Despite a good first impression, it turns out that Belinda doesn't always play nicely with others. In fact she's pretty possessive and full of herself.

Jane is so irritated that despite helping her client, she makes a backhanded please for former nemesis Kim to come off of maternity leave!

Meanwhile, Grayson finds himself representing a Banksy type of client. 

So what happened with Jane and Grayson's big date? Find out when you watch Drop Dead Diva online!


Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

I didn't lie to him. I didn't lie to him! I just omitted the fact that I am Deb.


Grayson: I'll bring some of that fruity Pinot Grigio you like.
Jane: Oh no, I mean that's actually really thoughtful since that's what I used to drink, but my new taste buds prefer something a little drier.
Grayson: Chardonnay it is.