Drop Dead Diva: Watch Season 6 Episode 6 Online

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Jane and Grayson started off Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 6 in a tense place.

They were quickly assigned a national security case about a housewife who was accused of treason. They realized that the server analytics company had a hand in keeping her in prison in order to cover up their own company's flaws in its national security programming.

Meanwhile Kim took on the case of the 4 Bowen orphans who were kicked out of their foster parents' house. The parents used the kids to get a free home makeover on TV for half a million dollars.

Stacy thought she was having an evil baby. She also had a baby cake made to find out the sex. It turns out she's having twins! Owen admitted to Jane that he wishes Stacy would reconsider a relationship.

So what happened with Jane and Grayson's relationship troubles? Watch Drop Dead Diva online to find out!


Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Are you asking me out? Because you heard the whole single mom, baby thing.


Hold on, excuse me. Who exactly are we representing? Oh my god is this about the Justin Bieber deportation?