Elementary: Watch Season 2 Episode 19 Online

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On Elementary, 10 year old case re-opens when two bodies are found in the same way a deceased man killed all of those years ago. This leads Watson to believe that she let an innocent man die on an operating table.

Sherlock carries a sign that says "help me catch a murderer by punching me in the arm."

Eight men wearing the same dentures are questioned when the series of bite marks on all the victims necks are the same. All leads point to the dental assistant that helped give prisoners matching teeth.

When a mothers love is tested for her murderous son, she will go to any lengths to clear his name. To see it all unfold watch Elementary online.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

[To Joan] I'd do the same for you if you lost all of your teeth in a prison fight.


[To Joan] I do wish you wouldn't leave my texts unanswered.