Family Guy: Watch Season 12 Episode 16 Online

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After more than a decade of horror, perversion, and weird cartoon nudity, Family Guy Season 12 Episode 16 may have finally pushed into the final frontier of grossness: Stewie catches herpes.

"What's so gross about herpes?" you say. "Doesn't everyone have that?"

Yeah, maybe (wait, maybe?) - but how exactly does Stewie get herpes?

You'll have to watch Family Guy online to find out, but here's a hint: maybe we're all so upset about herpes because we're actually upset about the gross emotional betrayal it represents.

Or...okay, maybe we're also grossed out about the herpes, a little, too.


Family Guy Season 12 Episode 16 Quotes

Stewie: Are you blood brothers with Meg because you ate her tampon out of the trash?
Brian: No, that, that's something else.

Says 'Glenn Quagmire.' But if you squint and imagine it says 'Peter Griffin,' it says 'Peter Griffin'!