Once Upon a Time Round Table: "The Jolly Roger"

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Instead of true love's kiss being able to break a curse, it could now invoke one, as Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 17 featured Zelena turning the tables on Captain Hook.

Below, our Round Table team of Carla Day, Jim Garner, Michelle Calbert, and Robin Harry is joined by Teresa from Once Upon a Fan to discuss what Hook should do next and which new fairy tale character they' d like to see pop up in Storybrooke...

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Were you surprised by the Ariel/Zelena twist?

Carla: Did I expect it? No. Did it shock me? No. I didn't see it coming, but when Zelena revealed herself to Hook my reaction was fairly muted. It's not the first time that trick has been played, so I was a little disappointed the writers went there again. I was impressed by Zelena's knowledge of Hook's guilt and how she used it to put the curse on him though. The kiss curse ... ugh! It's just a plot device to keep Hook and Emma apart, which is frustrating.

Jim: A little. I was happy for Ariel that she had found Prince Eric, but sad for Hook that he got duped. 

Michelle: I really was! It never once occurred to me that Hook had been fooled by the Wicked Witch all along. 

Robin:  Like Carla, I didn't expect it, but I wasn't shocked by it.  The twist actually kind of annoyed me - I love a good redemption story and the twist ruined it for me.

Teresa: I must admit that I was fooled right up to the moment that Zelena as Ariel made Hook reveal the name of the woman he loved. It was well-played on Zelena’s part to impersonate such a trusting figure to gain the knowledge she sought.

Did you think Hook would kill Black Beard?

Carla: No. That surprised me. We've seen Hook care about and help people since he's been in Storybrooke and in Neverland. It was sad to see that he lost his humanity when he lost Emma. I thought he would help Ariel even if it meant losing the Jolly Roger.

Jim: Honestly, I wasn't sure. Of course, this is Once Upon a Time, nobody is ever dead for good it seems. 

Michelle: Not at all. Despite his reputation, I've stopped thinking of Hook as a vicious pirate long ago so that definitely took me by surprise. 

Robin:  I thought he would.  He seemed lost and angry and desperate to feel like his old self, the person he was before he fell in love. That kind of desperation causes bad choices.

Teresa: No. I thought that Ariel was going to reach Hook’s conscience and he would spare the pirate.  Clearly Hook’s love for his ship trumped a higher cause at this point in the “missing year.” Something must have happened between this episode and his return to Storybrooke that changed his outlook. I am very keen to see what that is.

What should Hook do now?

Carla: Good question. First, he needs to keep his lips far, far away from Emma. I'm not sure how it would be received, but he should go to Regina for help. They are on the same side of this fight. Together maybe they can find a way to get rid of the Wicked Witch.

Jim: He needs to put a kink in Zelina's plans. Best way to do that would be to tell the Charmings what she has planned. 

Michelle: I don't think he should try and keep this whole poisonous lips thing a secret. He definitely needs to get some help and I agree with Carla, Regina is probably his best bet. 

Robin: I think he should tell the Charmings and Regina.  They have to know what they're up against, and that group works well against a common enemy, as they did in Neverland.

Teresa: He should tell Emma about the kiss-curse. Since it’s only a matter of time before Zelena goes mass murder on the town, the knowledge would give the Charmings a slight advantage in meeting her on their own terms at a time of their choosing. If anything, Hook should tell because it is the opposite of what Zelena wants him to do.

What Fairy Tale character would you like to see return or would like to see that hasn't yet been introduced?

Carla: I'd love to see a SHIELD-Once Upon a Time crossover. It won't ever happen, but how awesome would it be for Coulson's team to show up in Storybrooke investigating an outbreak of magic. Or, even better ... Iron Man or Captain America to stop by. Crazy, but fun to think about. Hmm ... maybe that could be a fan fiction idea!

Jim: Would love to see a more recent addition to the family, like Miranda from Brave. 

Michelle: I've said it once and I'll keep saying it until it magically happens, but I want Pinocchio back. As in the adult version played by Eion Bailey. I have never gotten over the way they handled his storyline and I would give anything to see August back again. 

Robin: I would love to see Flynn Rider from Tangled.  Perhaps that would be a good way to revisit and improve the Rapunzel storyline.

Teresa: I would like to see Maleficent return, necessarily in a flashback episode since she was killed at the end of Season One. There is still an untold story of her conflicts with Aurora’s mother that could tie into the present story and move it forward.

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Carla: The memory-less Henry has been a blast to watch. I'm shocked he's never questioned Killian's choice in outfit, though. Seriously, that's a giveaway something's not "normal." As much as I love the Henry-Hook friendship, it was awesome to see David teaching his grandson to drive. He bonded with Henry and showed he could be fun too.

Jim: Even though he was tricked, I really liked Hook admitting he was in love with Emma.

Michelle: I'm with Jim on this one. Hook actually saying Emma's name was pretty great, even if it did end quite badly for him. 

Robin: As much as the twist disappointed me, watching Hook beg for redemption and confess his love for Emma absolutely wrenched my heart. Colin O'Donoghue was phenomenal in this episode.

Teresa: My favorite scene was when Regina trained Emma by forcing her to use her powers on the broken bridge.  The potential for them to work as a team was highlighted, as was a breakthrough for Emma in her mastery of magic.  How powerful Emma truly is when she uses magic was brought to the forefront. I believe this is a potential foreshadowing of how epic her inevitable final showdown with Zelena will be.

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