Parenthood Review: Mixed Signals

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What we had in Parenthood Season 5 Episode 20 was a mixture of meh and good stories that arose out of mixed signals between many of the characters.

The good came from progress with Kristina's charter school after the inclusion of Julia as her scary lawyer lady, burgeoning success for Ashes of Rome (and Crosby and Adam) and Zeek and Camille finding what appears to be home.

Meh came from Sarah and Hank and everything else fell somewhere in between.

Let's start slow. Does anyone know what they're trying to accomplish with Sarah and Hank? Week after week of Hank struggling to share his feelings with Sarah and her pushing him away but she's still not quite sure what he's driving at? He can stop going to therapy because he's not the issue. Asperger's is a cake walk relative to dealing with a nitwit like Sarah. Prove me wrong.

Drew is equally as clueless. It was shocking how angry he was to get back to his dorm room and find Berto had infiltrated his side of the room. What did he expect after two weeks? I loved what Berto did for him by forcing him to face his feelings for him. Berto always seemed kind of like an idiot, but he's a pretty smart kid under that goofy exterior.

Pointing out that Drew was the one who messed things up with Natalie was a good move, too.

For anyone who disagrees with that notion, what Drew needed to do to keep things in tact with Natalie was not let her boss him around. She wasn't looking for a dude who was going to let her sleep around. What girl truly wants that? When he let her run roughshod over him, he lost her respect and she acted like a college girl in heat. Nobody said it was smart.

Did I miss something that made Crosby and Jasmine think it was time to move back into their house? Were they going by a date on the calendar without getting updates on the actual progress? How in the HELL did they think they were moving back to a home without floors? That made no sense to me at all. When they showed the "previously on" portion at the beginning of the hour and the mold story fell before the house sale, I thought for sure they would buy the homestead. Sigh.

Zeek and Camille surprised me with their relationship again. After his trip with Crosby, he was completely at ease with the prospect of moving and letting go. It was Camille who couldn't bring herself to toss out memories of their lives together and thought they might be making a mistake, even after the papers were signed on the sale of the house.

So what did Zeek do? He found a perfect Victorian with a view through the backyard that was reminiscent of what Camille must have seen on her visit to Italy. He really couldn't have chosen a better home for them and there's no doubt that, barring Parenthood drama cancelling the sale of their house, it will be their new home. I can already picture Camille painting that landscape from the balcony. 

Everyone who was so certain that Julia had been having an affair with Ed was proven wrong when she finally admitted he made her happy this year and accepted a date with him, only to decide at the last minute she could no longer stay. I felt badly for Ed. They really did have a strong connection but he wasn't hot enough to break through her fear of letting go of Joel. 

Evan Knight is that hot.

What brought Ed and Julia back together was Julia's assistance on the charter school project. She is reinvigorated with life because she has something to do with her time and she's a damn good attorney. Ed wasn't the only one who noticed. As Julia was persuading Evan to be headmaster, he took a liking to her. They met up later at the Ashes of Rome album release party and it didn't take much longer for them to be back at her place, disrobing to the music in their heads.

If we're to believe the always misleading Parenthood previews, "the love of her life" is coming back just as she's ready to open her heart again. We're supposed to buy this because Joel shows up at her door smiling. Hell, he could be dropping off a cake pan. It wouldn't surprise me if Julia felt horribly guilty when she sees him, but I don't expect it to change the course of their future. I've been played too many times.

Adam had a really good week. The charter school was approved and the big boy band 4D (ya'll know them, right?) heard Ashes of Rome's album and want's them to open on 22 cities of their tour. Oliver thinks it's a joke, of course, until he meets the kids.

Trailing behind them are 20 something year old women who the 4D boys don't like because they're really old and they're saving themselves for marriage. And hey, they're only giving their fans the music they want, because they really want to play tunes just like Ashes of Rome. Talk about music to Oliver's ears!

There's going to be a huge payday for everyone. All is right with all worlds. Except Joel's and Hank's and Sarah's. And it looks like next week will being hell to pretty much everyone. Goody! Chat about it all in the comments and watch Parenthood online for you fix until next week.

Did you like the house Zeek chose for Millie?

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