Revenge Photo Gallery: A Tearful Goodbye

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ABC will give viewers a break from Revenge Season 3 this Sunday.

And it's a good thing for Emily Thorne, too: With the Graysons closing in on her plan, our heroine will have to switch gears and take on yet another identity when we see her next on April 27.

However, it looks as though Victoria may be distracted as she gives a heartbreaking goodbye to Pascal... but is he as upset about it as she looks to be?

Also teased in the following gallery, Charlotte heads over to Jack's - yet as she's spying through the windows, it's hard to tell if she's still on Porter's side or if Daniel has changed her mind.

Check out these picture from Revenge Season 3 Episode 20, "Revolution" and get an idea of what's on tap:

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Conrad: I thought your imminent departure would bring me solace, but oddly there's another sensation kicking around inside me.
Victoria: A burst appendix, I hope.

A revolution begins when the desires of many are addressed by the actions of one. It's a ripple of change that starts when the first stone is cast at those in power and only ends when one side lies defeated or if two sides become one.