Salem Cast Pics: Who's Who?

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What if the witches in Salem were real?

What if history had it all wrong? There were witches in Salem, but everyone was looking in the wrong place. That's what the new WGN America series will propose when it premieres tonight.

Starring actors from some TV Fanatic favorites such as Nikita, Fringe, Revenge, Arrow and Being Human, you'll recognize the faces of the story before you, but you won't believe the tale! 

The first hour will scare you, leave you breathless and begging for more.

Flip through the photos and get to know the major players before you sit down to watch. (NOTE: Did you expect supposed puritans to be so hot?!?)

See if you can guess how the story will unfold and then be back here Sunday for a full run-down of the installment after it airs. 

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Salem Quotes

Married on Wednesday. Bedded on Thursday. Sickened on Friday. Died on Saturday. Buried on Sunday. Every end must have its beginning, and some of us have been awaiting this beginning of the end for a very long time. And now it is here, this Sunday will at last be "Black Sunday".

Dark Lord

Dark Lord: I could've killed you, or wiped your memory and left you a blank state. Then you wouldn't have remembered who I am: your son.
Mary: I remember you and I hate you!
Dark Lord: Hate is just a shadow of love; where there is one, the other is sure to follow. And there is nothing more powerful than the two combined.