Star-Crossed Review: I'm Your Weakness

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It is a known fact that people get cray cray when they are on lockdown. So imagine a bunch of high school students, Atrians, Trags, budding Red Hawks and a couple of mad scientists trapped in a high school together.

Well... it's a good thing you don't have to! Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 10 dished up all of that and more.

Oh Roman, didn't anyone ever teach you about the dangers of being roofied?

This was a fun episode to watch. Of course, by fun I don't mean happy, party fun. I mean entertaining: everyone brought their A game, a bunch of storylines, and never a dull moment. And what kind of television is more fun to review than that?


This episode truly had it all...except for Uncle Castor, but nobody really missed him, right? Didn't think so. After he outed Roman and Emery on Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 9, he's been pretty persona non grata around here.

Unsurprisingly, in today's day and age, someone filmed Castor's broadcast in the sector and now everyone knows about Romery. That's right kids, you don't have to make out in the janitor's closet anymore. This put them front and center for some ridicule, but Taylor to the rescue!

It's too bad Grayson blackmailed Drake into breaking up with T, as they've become my favorite couple on the show. For the record, they were 57 percent of TV Fanatic voters favorite as well! Maybe it won't be over since the previews showed that Taylor is knocked up with some Atrian spawn.

There seriously must be some sort of contractual obligation with The CW that any show that takes place in high school MUST have a pregnancy related storyline. See: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and 90210 for more.

Although it wasn't exactly a huge part of the episode, I have to say my favorite scene was when a sobbing Taylor turned to Sofia for some comfort.

Taylor: Do you think that I'm the kind of girl that's worth fighting for?
Sophia: I think you're the kind of girl people go to war for.

If what Sophia said wasn't one of the best lines I've heard in teen television, I'll be damned. What girl wouldn't want to hear that? Wow. 

Draylor wasn't the only breakup that happened in the heated hallways of Marshall High School's lockdown. Since Teri roofied Roman with some kind of drug that kills any brain to mouth filter, he said some things to Emery that were sure to shake her up. In the end, she didn't want to be his weakness.

Roman: Helping you always comes at a cost. I saved Julia's life for you and now she's endangered the secret of Cyper. I gave up being a leader to my people to protect you, now Castor's in charge and now my people have turned against me. Anytime that I have to pick between you and what's best for the Atrians, I always choose you and it's always the wrong choice.
Emery: I never asked you to do any of that.
Roman: I know and that's the problem, you're my weakness.

Mad Scientists

Miss Benton you're hot, but your creepy partner Mr. Brooks has some work to do in the stealth department. Given that Roman beat him half to death and Gloria caught Benton threatening Julia, I think Cyper's secret is safe for now.


Teri was up to something from the get go and Teri can rarely be trusted. Lukas and Sofia were able to research the storm and realized that it started above the ship. Due to gravity and some scientific stuff I can't really tell you because I was more of a English/History student, they realized that someone probably created the storm on purpose.

When Lukas realized this, Sophia panicked and said to let her handle it first. If Gloria knew that one of the students was a terrorist. she would immediately end the integration program.

My question is, how is it that younger, less experienced people are figuring this stuff out and Gloria who is supposed to be this intelligent leader isn't picking up on the shadiness and the Trags?

The Trags wanted the storm as a diversion so that their people on the outside could sneak materials in through FEMA. Those materials? Probably for Drake's mom to build the bomb. 

New Red Hawks

Grayson is pissed, rightfully so, and under the impression that Drake killed his lovely friend Zoe because Drake is a bad guy. Drake can't tell the truth about Zoe because then the humans would know that Atrians are capable of erasing their marks and would arouse more extremist suspicion. (Thanks to user "ZZZZ" for that theory.)

But now Grayson knows about the Trags. His new version of the Red Hawks would work to isolate and take action against only the Trags and not all of the Atrians. So, essentially, Grayson is just forming a group against the bad guys.

But is this ever a good idea? Also, how will Drake be able to keep providing information?

It was intense episode all around and I'm sure everyone is happy to be out of lockdown. So who are you nursing your heartbreak over: Romery or Draylor? Or are you more excited about the possibility of a Julia/Eric romance? 

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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Shouldn't you be following around your human girl like a lost puppy?

Teri [to Roman]

Castor took away the one weapon I had against him, the trust of our people. Now a murderer is in charge of our people.