Suits Review: The Real Gamble

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Suits rolled the dice, and came back with another winner.

From Mike's struggle to make that big decision about his future with the firm to Jessica Pearson's showdown with Van Dyke, Suits Season 3 Episode 15 hit it out of the park in the second to last episode of Suits Season 3.

Everything about this hour was a gamble from the get-go.

Louis choosing to wallow in his post-breakup pain put Katrina in the hot-seat as she attempted to cover for him to Jessica. It seems he chose to have a breakdown at an unexpectedly critical time. Leave it to Jessica, though, to bring him out of the funk with a clever analogy that kicked him into high gear.

I have really enjoyed watching Jessica and Louis get more screen time together over the past few installments. They're dynamic is definitely something else and she knows exactly how to speak his language.

Someone who probably would have preferred less people trying to speak his language was Harvey, whose world seemed to be coming apart at the seams.

He attempted to repair his relationship with Scottie one minute, only to break it again the next. Mike was deciding whether or not to leave, and Donna, in her infinite wisdom and striving to keep him honest, wouldn't let his emotional turmoil get the best of him.

Harvey really was bearing the brunt of a lot. I would have probably been on the verge of a breakdown - or perhaps even just raging mad - if someone not only came into my house trying to threaten me, but tried to do so on a case I'd spent months trying to close, I'd be out for blood.

It's clear, though, that this one kept striking too close to home, mostly because this guy, with nothing to lose, seemed poised to take both he and Harvey down after doing some investigation into the Hessington Oil deal.

Was Harvey compromised such that he spilled the beans when he shouldn't have? That's the question this episode left me wondering, especially given its direct impact on what looks to be an earth-shattering season finale.

Thinking about it further, it really did seem like he was going against his own advice in asking Mike to have Allison hack into the NY State Bar Association website and add his name. It definitely qualifies as moving the body, like he mentioned. It also seems like that move that will bring everything crashing down.

Then again, was Mike foolish for not taking the out and moving on? I'm starting to get the feeling it was, but that's something we'll wait for next week to assess!

But let's definitely take a minute to discuss that intense interaction between Harvey and Donna towards the end of the outing.

I wasn't sure what exactly Donna was going to say about Scottie, and I don't think Donna is wrong to tell Harvey that Scottie is a loose cannon who always has a reason to be mad. What's kind of great about that scene, though, is how it demonstrates Donna's depth of understanding with Harvey.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Louis trying to talk to his therapist from home.
  • Louis' reaction to Jessica's girlfriend/firm analogy.
  • Jessica telling Van Dyke off right before they stepped into court. It spoke volumes.
  • Mike choosing to stay at Pearson Specter.

With next week's season finale fast approaching, will the house of cards finally come down?

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