Supernatural Picture Preview: What's Metatron Up To?

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Is Metatron going to try to control things on the ground by writing fiction from heaven?!

The title of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 18 is "Meta Fiction" - and in the preview Metatron is shown slapping away at a typewriter and talking about our guys like they're characters in a novel.

It sure sounds like he's going to try to motivate them from the great beyond!

We know that Sam and Dean capture Gadreel. In these network photos, they appear to be interrogating him before Metatron shows up to take him away. 

When a still furious Castiel refuses to join forces with Metatron, it sets into motion a surprising plan. Is it Metatron's plan to write them into submission? 

I can't wait to find out because installments like these that don't quite take themselves seriously are always a boatload of fun. Flip through the photos and tune in on April 15 to watch.

Until then, you can always watch Supernatural online to tide you over!

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