The Big Bang Theory: Watch Season 7 Episode 21 Online

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It's Anything Can Happen Thursday on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 21.

Spontaneity seems like a good idea to help Sheldon overcome his indecision about his new field of study, but it comes at an unexpected cost. While looking for a new restaurant to try, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard spot Amy and Bernadette in a restaurant sharing a glass of wine.

Not a big deal, right? It wouldn't have been except Amy and Bernadette lied in order to have the night out alone. Sheldon and Penny end up having a wild and crazy night by his standards anyway. 

Howard and Raj watch a horror movie to help the latter get ready for his date with Emily.

Watch The Big Bang Theory  online now and enjoy the laughs!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

I have to go to the gas station across the street. I mean, I was dressed like half an ape and still not even close to the most disgusting person in there.


Penny: So, we're about to shoot this scene in the movie where the killer ape DNA is slowly taking over my body.
Leonard: Okay.
Penny: But I realize they're gluing fur everywhere, except my cleavage. So, I asked
the director why and he says, it's important to the story that my boobs be the last things to turn ape.
Leonard: It's sweet that he thinks there's a story.