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Lisbon accused Patrick Jane of having ulterior motives for interrupting her date with Marcus Pike... but it turned out what he had found was a human trafficking ring on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fan, Entwife to debate why Lisbon took so long to come clean about her possible move to D.C. and whether or not there is a secret Jisbon shipper on the FBI team...

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Will Jane tell Lisbon that he has feelings for her?

Robin: While I'm sure there will be arguments that he has no feelings for her, that end scene was surely not the look of a man who's certain his love is platonic. (Sorry, non-shippers!).  However, I don't think he will do anything about it unless some outside situation compels or propels him to do so.  

Entwife:  Yes, I think he will eventually. At this point in the season "eventually" needs to be very quick. I think he made a camouflaged start in the ending scene where they so flagrantly lied to each other about their feelings about Pike and the DC move. From the promo for next week, he seems to take the next step of saying he hopes she'll stay. And she responds very happily, from my point of view. It needs to move pretty fast from there. But then, of course, we get the grand jury obstacle.

Christine:  Lisbon joining the FBI in Austin was one of the top things on Jane's list when he signed his deal. I think his first instinct is to step back and let her be happy but I'm really hoping that something will compel him to tell her how he really feels because I think watching her walk away will break his heart.

Why didn't Lisbon tell Jane sooner about her possible move D.C.?

Robin:  She also thought Jane was disrupting her date on false pretense, so I don't think she knows how Jane feels about her relationship. I think she didn't tell him because she was uncertain and afraid of what his reaction would be. Judging by that last scene, she expected him to be upset or contrary.

Entwife:  I think she was being a bit cowardly and actually somewhat hostile. She didn't want to face it, apparently intended to let him find out by the grapevine. Very cruel and irresponsible in a friendship, in my opinion. Even her response to Abbott revealed underlying hostility, essentially he's a "psychic," let him figure it out. She knows he's not a psychic. It was a patent lie. Is it what she intended to say to Jane when he found out and probably confronted her with it? Ow. Payback for the times he just up and left her?

Christine:  I think she's just as conflicted about her feelings for Jane as he is about her. He's most certainly hurt her in the past and has lied to her frequently. I think she's uncertain what Jane's feelings for her truly are and she's probably afraid to find out one way or another.  In other words, it's complicated.

Is Abbott a Lisbon shipper? Why was he encouraging Lisbon to tell Jane?

Robin: I wouldn't brand him a shipper on that one conversation. He's just a man with a normal human sense of decency, who knows that people as close as Lisbon and Jane are tell each other when they're contemplating a life-altering decision. Abbott likes Jane and just didn't want to see him blind-sided.

Entwife:  Thank goodness for Abbott! He acted as the moral compass for Lisbon about what she was doing. When she realized it had already got to Abbott, and he was warning her that Jane was about to find out, he was nudging Lisbon to at least be honorable with Jane if she was truly going to leave. Her reaction seemed both fear and pain when she got in that elevator. Perhaps embarrassment, too. I do think Abbott is a kindly, subtle shipper. He might not directly interfere. But he's seen them as a couple from the beginning, his opinion hasn't changed and I think he has a fondness for them and empathy for their troubled times right now.

Christine:  Abbott has grown fond of them both and he knows how hard Jane lobbied to get Lisbon to come to Austin to begin with. He could see that Lisbon was in denial and made her face it. I'm not sure if he's a shipper, but he seems to be a good buy who cares about his team. 

What was the best Patrick Jane moment of the episode?

Robin: This episode was one of the best Patrick Jane showcases since Red John. The case was interesting, and brought out most of the things that make Patrick a complex and fascinating character. My favorite moment would be his comforting of the dying girl in the bed.  That's a side of Patrick we don't get to see very often, and it's beautiful.

Entwife:  I want to say the ending scene, so astounding. But Jane had some tremendous moments throughout this episode. I guess I'd have to pick the ride in the Airstream. The expression on his face when Lisbon looked at him with such apprehension. It was pure gold, in my opinion, and something I haven't seen in Jane before. He looked like, what dreadful thing is she trying to keep from telling me? But he kept silent. I don't think he really wanted to know just then. But his looks-- wow! Simon is such an amazing actor and conveys so much without words.

Christine:  He had a lot of great moments in this episode. Jane comforting the dying girl, begging for her to live was definitely my favorite. But him getting the crazy drunk to remember exactly where he found her came in as a close second. I love it when Jane works his magic to access memories. He's just so good at it.  

Do you think Teresa is in love with Marcus Pike?

Robin: I think she loves being with him, but I don't think she's in love quite yet. I think his dependability and honesty are something she's been missing and craving in her life, but she's far too hesitant about the move for me to think she's in love.

Entwife:  No. Absolutely not. She won't even answer Jane's question if things are going well with him. The last scene, Lisbon looks like she almost begging Jane for a rescue, to please speak for her. I think she sees his true feelings, but she needs him to speak. I think Jane caught Lisbon's true feelings, too, made a small movement to go after her and stops himself, undecided if it's the right thing to do. And she looks back at him, twice, as Pike is leading her away. I can't get her attachment to Pike as anything but an escape path completely away from Jane if he won't speak up.

Christine:  Marcus Pike is the guy who is good on paper. If she wrote a list of all the things she thinks she wants in a romantic partner, he'd fit every slot. Unfortunately the heart doesn't care what's on that page. Lisbon likes him a lot. He's a good guy and her head is telling her she should love him but that doesn't mean she does or ever will. 

What was your favorite scene from this Mentalist Season 6 installment?

Robin: Watching the flurry of emotions go across Jane's face as he realizes Lisbon is serious about Pike and is contemplating leaving. Simon Baker. My goodness. that man is one heck of an actor. 

Entwife:  The ending scene. Absolutely. Never was so much truth revealed in the pack of lies Jane and Lisbon were telling each other with their mouths. Because everything else about their body language, facial expression, eyes and tone of voice gave the truth away. No doubt for me anymore. Jane and Lisbon will be together by season's end. But I allow a 5% chance for Heller to destroy them out of sheer perversity, for "art." I will never trust him again, for any production.

Christine:  I have to make it unanimous. That end scene was priceless. Lisbon looked oddly hopeful and Jane looked about as devastated as I'd ever witnessed as he stumbled over his words and told Teresa he wanted her to be happy.  No matter what happens, I think these last few episode will be a bit painful to watch. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Lisbon: Remember, Jane is a psyhic.
Abbott: A pretend psychic. If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.

Sorry, scanning long range frequencies is like… I don't have a metaphor. It's hard.