The Mentalist Round Table: "Forest Green"

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It didn't take much for Patrick Jane to take down a murderer at a gentleman's social club - but he may need more than magic tricks to get Lisbon to stay.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fan "Feint" to share their thoughts on Marcus Pike and whether they think Lisbon will make the jump to D.C. after The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 18...

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Should Teresa make the move to D.C. with Marcus Pike?

Robin:  Every logical bone in my body screams no. For one, she just met him. Sweeping romantic gestures aside, that would just be a little nuts, and Teresa Lisbon is too grounded for that. Two, she just left another job to work for the FBI in Texas with Jane. Uprooting again would be a bit much.

Feint: I don't quite see why she shouldn't. Moving's not that much of a problem. She'd probably get to keep her job in the FBI and she could still talk to Jane via letters, Facebook or whatever. Obviously the show(or just the fans) wants Lisbon to love Jane and they should end up together, so this is a great way to make that all happen. So unexpected!

Christine: I can see why she'd consider it. It feels like she hasn't had a romantic relationship in a while and she likes Marcus a lot, but it's quite the leap. It's not very Lisbon-like but perhaps she's looking to shake things up. This could be just the thing.

Do you think Patrick will try to stop Teresa if she does consider leaving Austin.

Robin: I don't think he will. Patrick cares about Teresa's happiness, so if he thought for a second that she would be happy and content in D.C. with Pike, he would let her go.

Feint: I don't believe he would. Teresa didn't stop him from killing Red John, she didn't stop him from leaving the country after committing the murder. Patrick wants Teresa to be happy so I think he will let her go so she can attempt to be happy. Relationships in The Mentalist never go wrong. Never.

Christine: I hope he does but it would be a bit out of character for him. I'm really not sure what would push Jane over the edge and make him not only want a romantic relationship with Teresa but also act on those feelings. I just hope something gets him to that point, and quick.

What do you think of Marcus Pike? 

Robin: I really like him. He's smart, open and straightforward, and I think Lisbon needs that. For her, Pike's a refreshing change from Jane, whose very nature leads him to be cryptic, secretive and misinformative. 

Feint: I don't quite like Marcus, to be honest. He really reminds me of Craig O'laughlin from The Mentalist Season 3 although I don't believe he's involved in anything too serious. Maybe it's to do with him dating Lisbon. That's not really something we want to see, so I feel I have the right to be just a tiny bit disgusted.

Christine: I think he's generally a good guy and that Teresa appreciates his honest approach and that he's very open about how much he likes her. He just seems a bit bland to me. I feel as though eventually, Lisbon would end up being bored. 

Who was the most arrogant of the club members, guest, or employees?

Robin: All of the above. They all had pretty awful personalities. 

Feint:  Oh, they were all so arrogant. It's difficult to pick just one name but I suppose the dude blackmailing the hook...escort's murderer was pretty bad. 

Christine: My favorite was Russell. I especially liked that Cho called him out on being such a talented liar that he managed to evade answering even Patrick Jane's questions. 

What was your favorite scene?

Robin:  I really enjoyed Patrick's magic tricks. It's been a while since we've gotten to see Jane do those kinds of tricks, and he and Lisbon were seriously hamming it up during the show. That was a lot of fun. How on earth did he set that dollar bill on fire?!?

Feint:  I have to admit it wasn't a great episode and few scenes were memorable at all. The ones I liked were Jane telling the cellphone guy(I can't remember the names, oh man!) he got away with murder and, of course, Jane's magic tricks when convincing Mr. Whatshisface he should totally let him entertain the club members. I'd pick the first one just because I felt it could be foreshadowing and they're actually bringing back the Red John case. 

Christine: For me, it was right in the beginning when Lisbon gets to work and Jane almost looks uncomfortable. He wants to know what's going on between her and Pike, he wants her to be happy but he almost looked nervous about asking. That's not like Patrick Jane. He is almost always confident and I liked the contrast to what we normally see.

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