The Mentalist Round Table: "Silver Wings of Time"

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Patrick Jane and the FBI team played a game of beat the clock to save an innocent man on death row... but it may have been Lisbon's personal life that hit Jane a little closer to home.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando discuss the ticking clock, psychic prediction  and Patrick's reaction to Teresa's date in The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 17...

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised that Fischer balked at investigating whether Luis Cruz could be innocent?

Robin: Not at all. Her concerns were valid given the circumstances; they were reopening a case with no evidence to justify it. I'd be more surprised if no one brought that up.

Christine:  Not surprised but being that she was the only one to question it made her look like she thought this was a bit of a waste of time. It definitely made it feel as though she was the odd man out.

Do you think Jane is OK with Lisbon dating Marcus Pike?

Robin: He's certainly not. The awkwardness between Jane and Lisbon now is palpable. The Patrick Jane we know would be a lot more jovial and teasing with Lisbon if he felt comfortable or in control of the situation. Not to mention he called her "Teresa." He surely wants to see her happy, but he probably feels like he's losing her - possibly romantically, but certainly as his only real friend. 

Christine:  I think he's more confused by his own feelings than anything. Like Robin said, he'd normally have more fun teasing Lisbon and we didn't see much of that. He wants Teresa to be happy but I think it's starting to sink in that he might want more than just friendship from her. It will be interesting to see where this story arc leads.

Did you figure out who the killer was before the end?

Robin: I did. I figured it out when she insisted on staying at the FBI, and it was a dead giveaway when she smiled at the execution news. 

Christine:  I actually figured it out the moment Jane called her out on her Daddy Issues during their first meeting. It seemed clear that she killed the wife to have her professor all to herself.

The changed clocks, was it a clever ruse or a trivial annoyance?

Robin: I knew pretty early on that was the plan, but I thought it was well executed. I still enjoyed watching the team work the plan out.

Christine:  Wiley and his talking clock did make me laugh. As soon as they brought the professor and his wife in and all the clocks were around it was pretty obvious what they were doing. It wasn't annoying but it was predictable.

Did the psychic really see the gun in the body of water or was it just a lucky guess?

Robin: I'm with Jane on this one; there were lots of ponds in the area and that's a pretty standard crime-procedural way to get rid of a weapon. Lucky guess.

Christine:  Take a walk in your neighborhood. How long does it take to come across water? Lake, river, stream, pond, pool, sewer drain?  I agree with Jane. It's a standard psychic ploy plus plenty of criminals dumped their weapons in the drink when trying to hide them so the odds are with the predicition.

What was your favorite scene?

Robin: The last scene was my favourite - it was bittersweet, and I loved the ambiguity with which it was played out.  I loved Patrick complimenting Lisbon, but the expressions on both their faces were awkward and sad.  Lisbon didn't know what to think of Jane's compliment. Meanwhile, Jane's used to being left alone, but now he's being left out. 

Christine:  Yeah, that last scene really got to me. Jane looked so sad as he told Teresa she looked beautiful and that he hoped Marcus was taking her someplace nice. Then he was once again left alone on his sofa. Jane's got to decide it he wants a personal life of his own and with whom he wants it with.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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