The Mindy Project: Watch Season 2 Episode 15 Online

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Mindy and Danny deal with the consequences of their moment of intimacy, while Jeremy and Peter come up with a a plan to poach patients from a rival practice that closed on this spring premiere.

When Mindy returns home with Dann, she is greeted by Cliff...  who wants her back. Danny bows out and leaves to give her time to figure things out. Mindy puts operation breakup into work, but as she nears the moment of truth, Cliff gets some bad news that his grandmother passed away.

Not wanting to leave him in his time of need, Mindy puts off telling him about her and Danny.

Jeremy realizes he has a conflict of interests regarding the ballet company he and Peter are trying to woo, so Peter enlists the help of their arch rival to see if they can work together to take advantage of the opportunity that has come their way.

Cliff asks Mindy to help him with the eulogy, but soon learns she is not the word smith he thought she was. Watch The Mindy Project online to see more.

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Look I’m going to count to three. If you don’t kiss me, I’ll realize this was a big mistake and I’ll return to my seat in humiliation.


I’m so Catholic, I don’t even trust this new pope.