The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Emotionally Exhausting Reunion

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"Reunion Part 3" was yet another emotionally exhausting roller coaster ride while sitting on a sofa. We recap the tears and pleading on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 22 in our +/- review.

For better or worse this reunion show as been mostly about Lisa Vanderpump and how Kyle and Brandi insist on making her apologize…over and over again. 

Minus 20. That got boring two episodes ago. Thank goodness it's over.

This time Brandi is upset because Lisa has a relationship with Scheanna. Or is it that Scheanna has such a large role on Vanderpump Rules?

Plus 13 because Brandi's right. Lisa didn't have to take Scheanna shopping on camera but if it bothers her so much, then don't watch the show. 

When Brandi devolved into insisting that Lisa say which one she'd save from a burning building and which woman she'd let die, it sounded like a fight a 12 year old would have. Minus 31. Perhaps it's time to grow up, Brandi.

But I wouldn't hold my breath. When Ken said that he didn't believe he and Lisa could let Brandi back into their lives, it was hard to blame him. They were there for her through some of her most outrageous behavior and then almost inexplicably she turned on them.

Unfortunately, Ken didn't count on the waterworks. As Brandi openly sobbed that it's not nice to be dropped, he began to rethink his hard stance. Minus 23. Stick to your guns Ken! Brandi is trouble.

Even more surprising was that the tears got to Lisa as well. Wow, and Brandi calls Lisa a great manipulator. It looks like she's got a particular talent for it as well.

Kyle accused Lisa of cutting off friendships when someone starts to lose their audience. Minus 15. If Lisa is such a horrible person, why do they all still claim to want to be her friend?

When Kyle insisted yet again that she only wanted Lisa to apologize, Andy stepped in. Plus 27. Thank goodness he did. I was growing hoarse yelling at the TV that Lisa's apologized several times. She just won't apologize for things she swears she hasn't done, like putting those magazines in the luggage.

Even Joyce can now see that the ladies were ganging up on Lisa in Puerto Rico but Yolanda tries to shut her down. Minus 23.

And when Kyle and Carlton start yelling across the sofas, it's hard to hear anything but Kyle calling Carlton witchy-poo and Carlton telling Kyle she's trash. 

Plus 30 because at least there are not fake apologies between these two. It's almost refreshing.

In the end, through tears and sobs, Brandi cries that she'd like to mend fences with Lisa. She wants to figure it out. The biggest shocker is that Lisa admits that anything is possible, even a friendship with Brandi.

Episode total = +7! Season total = -477!

What do you think? Should Lisa and Brandi try to mend their friendship?

Reunion: Part 3 Review

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