Warehouse 13 Review: Past, Present, and Futures

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With Paracelsus out of the way, and alternate universe Valda just hanging out somewhere in the Warehouse plotting nefariously, Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 2 went back to its roots a little bit with a good ol' fashioned case. 

With some of Claudia's backstory mixed in for good measure. 

It's clear that Warehouse 13 Season 5 is hurriedly pushing for Pete and Myka to get to some kind of endpoint, one that probably does not end with partners only.

It is invoking a lot backstory and many small moments and hints that have been dropped throughout the series, shoving them into the previews. Pete is clearly all on board trying something with Myka and it fits within his character to follow vibes and feelings.

Pete leads with his heart; and while he stumbles over himself near the end of the installment about being there with Myka, the intent is clear. 

Myka is still not quite sure where she should go or what she should do, and there's Mrs. Frederick's odd remarks about having children and being open to the possibilities life brings.

The appeal of having Mrs. Frederick deliver this kind of line makes sense. Mrs. Frederick is really the only person that is able to truly have this kind of conversation with Myka, but the exchange is so painfully awkward.

It is never even hinted about that Mrs. Frederick has ever wanted to do anything but her job and protect the Warehouse. 

Mrs. Frederick is really not even necessary for the story. Everyone is aware of the signs between Pete and Myka, but - much like Ted and Elise - while the signs are there, they still are not yet willing to give them a go.

It is quite unfortunate that this season only has six episodes to get to their ending, so all of the small nuances that were once in the background are now beating us over the head. Having a baby is very reminiscent of Bones when they skipped past all the hooking up right to the pregnancy with Booth and Brennan.

It was a way to propel them forward to something past whether or not they would stay together or break apart. 

Claudia's backstory is peeled away just a little more with Artie finally revealing what he knows about Claudia's parents and sister.

It's now clear how Artie was able to save Claudia so quickly before she crumbled into dust: Claire has been in an artifact-induced coma in the warehouse. Artie must know that Claudia wouldn't let this situation with Claire go.

He wants to keep Claudia safe, but she's been longing for her family since she lost them. Helping Claire is something she's bound to do, and I wonder if Artie is actually doing all of this because he's run out of options, yet believes Claudia can figure Claire's mystery out. 

Would you rather Pete and Myka remain friends and partner or graduate to something more? 

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