24: Live Another Day Review: It's a Trap!

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This week, we were faced with a much quieter, softer Jack Bauer, as he didn't seriously fight or shoot anyone in 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 5

But that doesn't mean there wasn't any action.

This was the first time all season where I felt as though the old Chloe was back. She was snarky and sarcastic and I loved every word of it. Even better was that Adrian Cross took the brunt of her ridicule, as in this 24: Live Another Day quote

Chloe: Jack's headed back to jail because of you.
Adrian: Yes, I'm aware of that. You don't need to keep reminding me.
Chloe: Yes, I do. I'm thinking every day for the rest of your life.

I have no idea if Chloe can trust anything Adrian has to say since he's already double crossed her once. Adrian is all about doing whatever is necessary to further his cause. Perhaps he's not as extreme as Margot but if he's willing to walk away and let the bombs fall when he could choose to try and stop it, does that make him all that different?

So when Chloe snarks back at him when he asks stupid questions…

Adrian: Don't you see it?
Chloe: If I saw it I wouldn't have said what.

... I can't help but smile. 

Speaking of Margot, all I could think as I watched poor Simone shaking in pain and shock with her hand bandaged was Ow! Ow! Ow!  Then Margot tells her daughter not to blame herself. Well, no kidding. It's not as though she cut off her own finger.

Margot tells Navid that she cares for the lives of innocents too, but apparently she's willing to kill them all if she doesn't get what she wants.

Of course, this is the same woman that said a mother should never have to see her daughter go through something like having her finger chopped off... after chopping off her daughter's finger. It's hard to know whether to laugh or be completely horrified. 

Poor Navid was determined to do the right thing and try and protect his wife, but Simone was so brainwashed by her mom that he never really stood a chance.  

When we found out the CIA team was walking into a trap, I sort of hoped that Navarro wouldn't make it out. The more he speaks, the less I like him. He's more than willing to use Kate when it suits his purposes but will kick her to the curb the moment her presence makes him look back. Unfortunately, that huge explosion barely left a scratch on him.  

Finally we get back to Jack and everything going on at the White House.

First, we find out that Mark kept important information about civilians, including children, being killed in a drone strike. Mark seems to make a habit of deciding what information everyone else needs to know, including his wife and the President of the United States.

Mark couldn't be happy that Audrey was asking if Jack was OK but he did apologize for letting his personal feelings about Bauer cloud his judgment. I found it telling that Audrey's response was to tell him that her father needs him. She didn't tell Mark she forgave him or that she needed him or loved him. 

Jack looked so alone in that room just before Audrey walked in. Their connection is still so strong, it looked like Jack's heart suddenly began beating again upon seeing her. His expression was both sad and hopeful all at once.

It was a heart wrenching moment when Jack asked if Audrey was happy and if Mark was good to her. Notice that she answered neither of those questions but she almost sobbed as she confessed that she should have defended Jack more.

The two were as close as they could possibly be without actually kissing. Heart breaking, torturous and over in a matter of seconds.

Audrey left after Jack sent her away. He still has to  convince the President to let him go to stop the drone attack.

As usual, matters of the heart will have to wait as the clock ticks down and the mission goes on. 

Do you wanna see Jack and Audrey back together?

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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Chloe: Jack's headed back to jail because of you.
Adrian: Yes, I'm aware of that. You don't need to keep reminding me.
Chloe: Yes, I do. I'm thinking every day for the rest of your life.

I know you're in pain and I know you're confused but the last thing I want you to do is blame yourself.