24: Live Another Day: Watch Season 1 Episode 4 Online

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Trapped in the US Embassy, Jack Bauer obtained Tanner's flight key but had no way to get it out on 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 4.

Even a phone call with President Heller wasn't enough to set things right. So with the Marines about to storm in and take Jack out, he allowed Kate Morgan to take him into custody and hopefully decode the drone information on the flight key.

Elsewhere, Audrey was furious when her husband not only hid the information from her that Jack had resurfaced but convinced her father to let the Marine's loose on him. No matter what Jack was accused of doing, Audrey still believed in him.

And when Navid decided to bail on drone war plan, Margot took extreme measures. She had Simone's fingers cut off until Navid agreed to pilot the drones for her. 

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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Right now the point is that I believe you. From what I can see, no one else does.


Jack: I need a diversion.
Adrian: Bit of an understatement.