Arrow Season Finale Pics: Slade Has Felicity!

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On Arrow Season 2 Episode 23, Slade kidnaps someone Oliver holds dear... Felicity!

Can Arrow save her from a terrible fate?

Elsewhere, Canary and Detective Lance are fighting together to save Starling City from the devastation two forces have thrust upon them: Slade and Amanda Waller.

It seems all is not lost on the Arrow Season 2 finale, however, Diggle confronts Amanda regarding her nefarious plan to turn their city into a crater. It doesn't look like she's going to have a lot of support. Diggle, though, receives plenty from new and old friends, Deadshot and Lyla.

When Oliver comes up against Slade, he has a decision to make. Does he hold to his mantra of no killing or will he do the unthinkable to stop a monster?

Flip through these episodic photos and start theorizing about what Arrow will look like after "Unthinkable" airs. 

If you want to amble down the road of how it all came to this, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic. 

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Gee Sara, you could have called before you invited ... seven assassins into our lair.


He lacked the conviction, the strength to pull the trigger, but not you Thea. You are truly my daughter and I could not be more proud.