Beauty and the Beast Promo: Orange Is the New Black

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Beasties rejoice! 

Well... as much as you can after watching the promo for Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 17.

Beauty and the Beast returns to finish out its second season on June 2 with "Arrested," but all is not well with the world. Picking up right where Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 16 left off, Vincent is escorted to jail, booked and put into a lovely orange jumpsuit.

J.T. puts in a call to good ole Gabe Lowen to let him know if things go wrong for Vincent, he's holding him accountable.

Cat thinks Vincent could get life, but when Vincent makes bail it looks like he's going on the run -- and he doesn't plan on taking Cat! We know how well that will go over. Where he's going, you better believe she'll be by his side!

To calm the beast inside, you can always watch Beauty and the Beast online until the big day arrives.

For now, check out the sneak peek and touch base with TV Fanatic from now until June 2 for more news and photos as we get them. 

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