Chicago Fire Review: Hanging in the Balance

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Well done, Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 22. That was one Hell of a finale!

Almost the entire station was placed in peril when members walked into what looked like an ordinary building fire. Until the building explodes.

I'm going to have some choice words for Dick Wolf and company if deaths are happening. I don't know if I can handle losing anyone in my precious 51.

What makes the explosion even worse is how it capped off the joyful and lovely scenes that were happening just prior. It's a strong juxtaposition where Boden is getting married and having a wonderful time as he begins his new life... and now he's covered in debris wondering if any of his men and women are alive. 

It serves as yet another reminder where lives and fates can drastically change. Casey just proposed to Dawson and while her face gives away her answer, that too is left up in the air.

Assuming both Dawson and Casey survive, will either of them even want to continue with the proposal after such a turn of events?

More importantly, will this change affect how Dawson feels about being a firefighter?

The controlled environment of the academy is one thing, yet a real world situation like this makes everything completely different. With the regressive age firemen she's soon to be working with, there's a chance for a lot of things to go wrong.

No matter what our opinions on Jones were, the entire house looked out for her on their calls making sure she's safe. The team in Austin doesn't evoke those same nice feelings. 

As much as I love my Lindsay and Holstead flirting over on Chicago PD, Severide and Lindsay also make a great pairing. They're mature and round each other out well. Lindsay, particularly, is nurturing all around, but she offers advice and understanding.

It's a big change in relationships from where Severide was in the beginning of Chicago Fire Season 2

Finally, Mills asks Newhouse to look into his father's side of the family. Mills is very content and balanced in his life right now, but his father still eats away at him. He longs to continue to get closer to him, no matter what the news is, and to fill that hole that is inside of him because of it. 

Will everyone survive in the explosion?

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