Days of Our Lives Recap: Her Other Daddy

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This week's Days of Our Lives was filled with highs and lows wrapped around a murder investigation that is far from over. 

We'll start with the high…

With Nick dead, Gabi came back to her senses and asked EJ to write up a new custody agreement. Not only did she agree to joint custody with Will, she asked that if anything should happen to both her and Will, that Sonny be named Arianna's legal guardian. After all, he is her other dad. 

You could almost hear the collective aww throughout the fandom. And somewhere, Nick Fallon must be rolling over in his grave.

Eric and Nicole

From there we dive down to the lows…

After the high of Eric's proposal, Nicole and Eric have become a horrible mess. After the couple made love, I had no doubt that Nicole would fail to come clean about her deception. There's even a part of me that wishes Daniel would let it go but Dr. Dan's not about to condone lying to a loved one…unless it's him lying to Jennifer about her own son, but never mind. 

I couldn't help but laugh when Nicole told Eric that Daniel was in love her. What about Jennifer? Honestly Daniel and Jennifer are so boring, would anyone really miss them?

In the short term, Nicole's lie is kind of brilliant in a completely twisted sort of way. I kind of like the idea of Eric becoming jealous Daniel. That could be a lot of fun but we all know that the truth will blow up in Nicole's face eventually. 

Even though it's inevitable, I'll be disappointed when that happens. It feels as though we've been down this road before. Nicole means well but does the wrong thing. Nicole lies about it. Nicole gets caught and has to redeem herself. Hit replay and start the whole thing over again. I think I'm ready to watch something else now. 

Most annoying moment of the week went to Abigail as she whined about EJ trying to kill Nick. The man's a DiMera. She knew that when she seduced him. What did she expect?

In a weird twist we seem to have gotten a new Ben which is kind of disappointing. I was just starting to enjoy he and Abby's chemistry. Now it's like starting all over again.

Finally, we have the investigation into who shot Nick Fallon. This week the prime suspect was Lucas who stole his mother's gun, supposedly didn't use it but threw it in the river anyway. Huh?

Kate got the line of the week as she chastised her son in this Days of Our Lives quote

Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.


No kidding. But maybe Lucas' plan is to confuse the Salem PD into letting him go. Given their record on crime solving, it could actually work. 

As if there aren't already enough suspects in Nick's murder, I'll float one more theory. What if Stefano had Nick killed as a way of wooing Kate. He knew she hated him and probably knew what he held over her head. I'd also assume that DiMera's have more than one hit man on speed dial. If expensive diamonds aren't enough to win her, perhaps murder for hire will grab her attention. 

What do you think TV Fanatics? Did Stefano have Nick killed?

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