Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Dr. Dan Bulletproof?

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Liam was impaled, Daniel got shot, and EJ found out who sent those dirty photos on this week's Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Dana from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to decide what Gabi's next move will be, if Daniel truly is bulletproof and whether Percy is gone for good.


Will Gabi go through with Nick's version of the custody agreement?

Nick: Oh probably, Nick asks her to jump and she'll ask him how high. She's proven that she really has no clue how to handle him, and instead of figuring out a way she would rather let him back into her life and let him wreck everyone else.

Dana:  She seems very torn at this point. She wants Will to see Ari often. But Nick has raised her fears about Sami trying to take Ari away from her. I think Aiden's input will play a part in her decision as well. At this point I'm not sure if she will go through with it or not.

Christine:  I want to believe that at some point Gabi will stand up for herself and her daughter but nothing she's done so far gives me much confidence. The way she kept telling Will she was sorry made it sound as though she was going to do exactly as Nick directed in order to keep everyone out of prison.

Gabi feels as though she's losing her mind. Do you think she's homicidal, suicidal or something else entirely?

Nick: She's losing her mind because she gave it up to Nick. She does not want to think for herself or think of a way out of the situation. She would rather continually try to make up with Nick and make her own situation better while bulldozing the rest of Ari's family.

Dana:  I don't see Gabi as either homicidal or suicidal but that could change. She is very confused about who to trust. Everyone tells her what to do and what she should think. At this point she sees Nick as the only person who is truly supportive of her. She may completely lose it if/when she finds out that Nick hasn't changed. 

Christine:  I'm beginning to wonder if she's going to snap and kill Nick when she finally sees his true colors and realizes how he's manipulated her once again…or maybe I'm simply hoping she'll kill him and we'll finally be done with this story.

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Were you surprised that the bullet only grazed Daniel?

Nick: Nope, Dr. Dan is Superman. Nothing will stop him. Not hand tremors, not stalkers, not drugs, and certainly not some minuscule bullet. 

Dana:  Definitely not. Dr. Dan is Salem's hero. The man is a miracle worker. I would be shocked if he had been seriously wounded.

Christine:  It's unanimous. Dr. Dan should wear a cape and tights. Bullets bound right off of him. 

Did EJ scare Percy enough for him to be gone for good?

Nick: Yup, Percy is greeting the nearest flight attendant out of Salem.

Dana:  I think Percy is gone for good. I believe EJ's threats convinced him to leave town. He'd already found out how Kate feels about him as well as realizing that Nick has a more sinister agenda. Leaving Salem probably feels like a very good idea.

Christine:  If the man has a brain in his head he's on the next flight out of Salem. Who other than Nick wants to go up against a Dimera?

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Nick: EJ dealing with Percy for sure. Watching EJ be a Dimera for a little bit is always fun.

Dana:  I liked everything that happened with the Jennifer/Daniel/Liam story this week. We saw Jennifer realize that Liam was a psycho. Teresa finally admitted to Daniel and company that not only did Liam drug Daniel but he's obsessed with Jennifer. Both Teresa and Nicole attempted to do damage control so Liam wouldn't disclose their secrets. Then everyone converged on the island for the final confrontation with Liam. I expected Liam to die but not from being impaled by a tree limb.

Christine:  The very last scene of the week where EJ waited for Nick and told him if he wanted his attention, he got it. From time to time it really is fun remember that EJ is a Dimera. It's a wonder why he hasn't squashed Nick like a bug up to now. 

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