Days of Our Lives Round Table: Web of Lies

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Nicole's lies piled up, EJ confided in Abigail, and Gabi called Sonny Ari's other Daddy, on this week's Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando debate if EJ did the right thing, if Lucas killed Nick and how long until the lies catch up to Nicole in this week's round table. 


EJ told Abigail he hired a hit man to kill Nick but that the man failed. Should he have told her?

Nick:  EJ is trying to keep all of his pots from boiling over, so telling Abigail lets some of the steam out of the pot; yet it is only a temporary fix because everything Abigail has done is still eating away at her. It's only a matter of time before Abigail needs to confide in someone, and then the secret is out.

Christine:  She was all set to run to Mommy or Hope and tell them all about their affair and that she thought EJ killed Nick, so EJ really had nothing to lose. But I agree that Abby is a ticking time bomb. I just don't think she's capable of keeping this secret much longer.

Do you think Lucas killed Nick?

Nick: No. Much like Lucas covering for Will when he shot EJ all those years ago, Lucas is doing the same now. I think Lucas truly suspects that Will had no choice but to take care of Nick, so he's putting up a smokescreen to throw Hope's suspicions off of Will.

Christine:  I agree. I think he's scared to death that Will killed Nick and he's doing everything he can to throw suspicion on himself. 

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Nicole told Eric that Daniel is in love with her. How long can she keep the lies going?

Nick: Not long, it's another desperate move by Nicole, and it's really damaging her character. She's come such a long way and now she's slowly creeping back into old habits now that she's found a way to hold onto Eric.

Christine:  It's really sad because I root for Nicole to be happy and then she does stupid things like this. I've grown tired of the story merry-go-round they seem to have Nicole on. She gets so close to redemption only to backslide and start from the bottom again and again and again. I wish they'd write something else for her.

There's a new actor playing Ben. Do you care?

Nick: He's certainly much more handsome than the last guy, but so far he's not as good as old Ben. Maybe he'll grow on me as the story develops.

Christine:  Since he's only been around a day or so, I'll have to give him a chance but it is disappointing. I was just starting to enjoy the chemistry between the old Ben and Abigail and now it's like starting from scratch once again.

Do you want to see Kate get back together with Stefano?

Nick: I couldn't care less who Kate ends up with. It gives her something to do other than pine after Rafe for eons. I'm here for Kate shading others on the show.

Christine:  I can't say I care either. I enjoy Kate the most when she's plotting with Sami. Those two are great when their backs are against the wall and they must work together to save themselves or someone they love. 

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Nick: Little Ari is such a scene-stealer, I loved watching her have her first birthday on screen.

Christine:  Definitely Gabi admitting that Sonny is Ari's other daddy and if anything should happen to her and Will, Sonny should raise their daughter. I wanted to hug everyone in that scene. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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You of all people should know a lie when you hear one.