Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Killed Nick?

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There was no doubt on this week's Days of Our Lives that Nick Fallon is dead but the investigation into who did the deed was just getting started. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick Mc Hatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss the reappearing hitman, Nicole's dilemma and their predictions on who shot Nick.


Why do  you think the hitman hasn't left town?

Nick: I'm thinking that the hitman didn't accomplish the hit on Nick so he is returning the cash. By doing this Days avoids pinning it on him later in the season.

Tony:  Probably because he wants his money for offing Nick. I can't see any real reason as to why he'd stay otherwise. Then again, maybe he didn't and is trying to find out who got to Nick before him.

Christine:  My guess is he needs to come clean with EJ that he didn't finish the job because someone else got to Nick first. It's the only thing that seems to make sense. 

Will Nicole tell Eric the truth?

Nick:  No, at this point I think Dan is going to be the savior of Eric's life. Nicole is in too deep with the engagement and she knows she's screwed up so now she's going to try to bury it completely or figure out some other alternative.

Tony:  I doubt it, but I hope she does. I doubt it because Nicole wants Eric and, if he goes back to being a priest, she can't have him. I hope she does, though, because any relationship (even a friendship) should be based on honesty, and this isn't honesty.

Christine:  I don't see how she has any hope of spinning this so that Eric doesn't leave her but I can't figure out how she puts Daniel off. It really is a conundrum for her but Nicole is so creative, I can't wait to see how she gets herself out of this one.

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What do you think of Ben and Abigail?

Nick: Really hot, I love how protective Ben is with Abigail, and he's already more interesting than his boring sister Jordan.

Tony:  I think they're cute together. I liked how Ben stood up to Nick when he threatened Abby. I do, however, think they should get to know each other before rushing into a relationship, because I'm sure that that's where they're headed.

Christine:  I agree that Ben is much more interesting than his sister and Ben and Abigial certainly have more chemistry than Rafe and Jordan. I'm actually hoping we get to learn more about Ben, where with his sister I just don't care. 

Will the EJabby affair ever come out? 

Nick: I think it will, but at this point I'm just wondering when it does and the story around it.

Tony:  Definitely. Everything comes out at some point. E.J. or Abby will eventually slip up and blurt out something, or maybe Sami will find out for herself. Either way, I'm sure it will come out eventually.

Christine:  I know it probably will but I hope not. I really want to see EJ and Sami sail off into the sunset and have their happy ending. 

Has your answer changed at all from last week? Who do you think shot Nick Fallon?

Nick: I'm wondering if Gabi has done it. She had the most to lose with him, and she milked Nick for all he was worth in regards to getting a job, etc.

Tony:  I'm not really sure what my opinion is on who killed Nick. Many people in Salem had motive. It could have been the hit man, with E.J. and Sami paying him. It could be Gabi. It could be a Kiriakis hit man, or any number of other people. If I had to choose one person who I think did it, I'd say Gabi. She's been acting strange lately, even for her. 

Christine:  I'm still going with Gabi. I think that realizing that Nick was manipulating her once again was just too much and she snapped. 

What was your favorite scene or story line of the week?

Nick: The aftermath of Nick getting shot.

Tony:  The fallout from Nick's shooting, as well as the potential trauma Allie is suffering from witnessing it. I love that most of the week was taken up by this story. It's really interesting. I feel so bad for Allie! Although, I do like that she's getting an actual storyline at the moment. In all, the shooting and fallout, particularly the parts with Allie, are my favorites for the week. 

Christine:  I loved how they dragged Allie into this mess and how the repercussions of her trauma could play out for years to come. It feels a bit like history repeating itself with the trauma of Sami walking in on Marlena and John had long term consequences. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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