Drop Dead Diva Review: The Truth Hurts

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Remember back in the early Drop Dead Diva days when Fred would tell Jane that something awful would happen to Grayson if she told him the truth?

According to Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 8 that rule may still apply...

Before we get into the whole Grayson truth debacle, I want to comment on Jane's case. That was so heartbreaking what that kid had to go through. When Sam was crying in the hallway, saying he'd rather wear a dress than be called crazy, I almost sobbed. I'm glad he ended up having some great people on his side in the end.

So back to Grayson: I thought we were home free after Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 1, but it turns out there were still some secrets left to tell. After randomly pulling a sock off of Grayson's back that belonged to Paul, Jane decided that maybe she should tell Grayson the truth about Paul's identity.

Paul hasn't been much of a guardian angel, at least not in the way Fred was. He's basically an intern who is really good eye candy. He really doesn't help guide Jane or anything of the sort.

Come on, I have been more of a guardian angel to you than you've ever been to me. I feed you, I dress you, remember last night when you fell asleep watching TV, I took the gum out of your mouth so you wouldn't choke.

Jane [to Paul]

When he tried to level with Jane that he would have to leave if anyone found out about him, Jane was quick to choose her relationship with Grayson over her relationship with Paul. Just one question: doesn't Stacy know about Paul? 

It's hard to always know where the line is drawn. For five seasons Grayson wasn't allowed to know about Jane but suddenly he figured it out and things are just fine? I still don't get it.

I have to wonder if Grayson getting shot was a big warning for Jane not to reveal Paul's identity or she'd risk losing what she loved. On the other, more rational hand, I know that Grayson was shot by an unstable, angry man whose daughter was just murdered. Not only did Grayson make him look like the murderer, but his firm got the real murderer let off the hook.

I'm not a lawyer, but seriously Owen WTF?!

Yes, everyone has the constitutional right to a fair trial, but why couldn't Grayson have just dumped his client? Or at least made a pathetic excuse for an argument assuring he'd lose the case. 

Why was Owen so persistent? Yes persistence is great when getting Stacy a VIP maternity suite and proposing (yay!) but for letting a guilty client off the hook for murder? Nope, I don't get it.

So was Grayson getting shot a sign? Or merely a coincidence?

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My baby's first selfie!


If you're going to yell at me for taking another pro bono don't strain your vocal cords, I'm fully committed.

Jane [to Kim]