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When Sherlock discovers that Mycroft has been framed as an MI6 mole, he and Joan must work together to clear his name before it's too late on Elementary Season 2 Episode 24.

The tension between Holmes and Watson intensifies as Sherlock copes with the fact that Joan will be moving out. As he pleads with her stay, Joan is persistence having her own life outside of their work.

When the investigation takes a turn after the discovery of the real mole, Mycroft makes the ultimate sacrifice to keep the ones he loves safe. 

Just as things are looking up, everything comes crashing down and Sherlock makes a decision that will effect how next season will play out.

To see it all unfold, be sure to watch Elementary online:

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

[To Mycroft] When MI6 asked you to join them, did they tell you that you'd be an asset or just an ass?


[To Mycroft] Don't touch any of the first editions.... Or Watson.