Fargo Review: To Duluth

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Lorne Malvo continued to prove he's in control of everything and everyone around him on Fargo Season 1 Episode 5.

Is Malvo's luck coming to an end? His brazen disregard for protecting his image and trail could ultimately lead to his downfall. He's completed his blackmail of Stavros, so does he have any reason to remain in Duluth? He could take off and never been seen around those parts again.

With Fargo Season 1 only half over, I doubt we've seen the last of Lorne Malvo.

While Lorne is a master manipulator, Lester's just a mess. Due to his septic wound, he started having hallucinations about how his life could have gone a different direction after meeting Lorne. Does he have it in him to be a stronger man? Not in the jail.

I'm not sure he could have withstood Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers even if he was healthy, but given his delusional state he was an easy target. He gave up Lorne Malvo as the man responsible for Sam Hess' murder. In addition, he told them that the police had a photo of Malvo and that his car was stolen by the killer and found in Duluth. If Lorne finds out that Lester gave him up, he better hide.

For now, Lorne has other targets to focus on. With Stavros freaked out, he was more than willing to pay the ransom. Lorne set up the trainer to take the fall for the kidnapping by using his phone to call Stavros to make the final demand. In hilarious fashion, Lorne had the trainer hand over all the materials necessary to lock the clueless guy in his own closet.

It was hilarious to watch that scene play out. It was obvious what Lorne was doing, but the trainer had no clue at all. Even after he was encouraged into the closet, it didn't dawn on him what was happening. As Lorne was nailing the door shut, he didn't freak out, instead he just asked if Lorne realized he shut him in. Very funny.

Now that Lorne has the money from Stavros, he seems to have shifted his focus to Gus. His plans for the cop aren't clear at all. Whatever he has planned won't be good for Gus. I hope Lorne gets distracted by something else. I really like Gus and don't want to see him get hurt.

Molly's investigation continues to go down the right path. She was able to use Lester's phone records to connect him to Lorne. She took her proof to Bill and he finally realized she was right to question Lester. The shotgun pellet in Lester's hand is further proof that he lied. I loved the look she had when looking in on Lester. She knows.

With Molly on the way to Duluth, I hope she's able to provide some cover for Gus. Her arrival will either put her in Lorne's sights or help protect Gus. I definitely hope it's the latter. Even though Gus was told, "Only a fool thinks he can solve the world's problems." He's not going to give up on the case.

With Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers on the way to Duluth too, Lorne's going to have his hands full. I also wouldn't count out Stavros. If he listens to his son about the crickets, he may end up going after Lorne to stop the blackmail payment.  Or, trace it to the trainer, who could implicate Lorne. I'm not ready to call that a done deal yet.

It's starting to get very interesting! 

Who's the biggest threat to Lorne?

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