Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right"

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Welcome back to the TV Fanatic Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our review broke down Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 23, "Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right" in detail. Now Christina Tran and Steve Marsi, along with Jarrod Mitchell, are back for a Q&A.

Read their answers to the questions and weigh in with yours!


What was your favorite quote or scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 23?

Christina: I loved when Callie told Jo: "Check yourself before you wreck yourself." Hilarious!

Jarrod: Probably Owen's "don't leave me until you're leaving me." It's unfortunate that a couple so in love can't be together and with only one episode left until Cristina Yang's departure, I'm not sure what to think for these two or Owen alone on screen.

Steve: Any Cristina scene at this point. Her looming exit is as bittersweet as it gets.

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Which storyline did you like the least?

Christina: Bailey's storyline. Sure, she crossed a major line, but she also saved a life by inventing a cure. Kudos to her! That's a big deal, and it was overshadowed by the parents' wanting to charge her with assault and battery.

Jarrod: Probably the firing of Leah. I find it so hard to believe that someone who was so skilled and passionate about being a surgeon in Grey's Anatomy Season 9 managed to become a plot filler in Callie and Arizona's marital problems and eventually an antagonist (due to the filing of the sexual harassment) all season. A good character with potential ruined by bad writing and budget cuts.

Steve: I agree with Jarrod on Leah. Felt like she was forced out - not by the doctors but by the show's writers - and haphazardly at that.

Derek received an incredible offer in D.C. Predict what happens next.

Christina: Trouble for the McFamily! It sounded like Derek had already made up his mind that he was going to take the job without talking it over with Meredith. She's his wife. They'll definitely stay, but I think maybe we'll see Derek traveling a bit more. With Amelia there, Meredith will get the help she needs.

Jarrod: What happens next is the "we're going", "no, we're staying", "we can't leave after this disaster", etc. With two more years left on their contract, Meredith and Derek are here to stay.

Steve: Somehow, some way, they will find a way to make it work.

How will Catherine act once she finds out she is going to be a grandma?

Christina: She’ll be stoked! Babies always change things.

Jarrod: Until Catherine can fix the corruption in the Harper Avery scandal and give Cristina her rightly well-deserved award, I hope she's not on screen for a while to show her reaction.

Steve: She will blow a gasket, but eventually embrace it.

Cristina makes her final appearance in the season finale. How will the show go on without her?

Christina: It will do just fine. Sure, we get mad at the Grey’s Anatomy writers from time to time, but we are still here. Hardcore fanatics ride it out until the end and they’re going to keep us wanting more with a bigger focus on Meredith, Alex, and our other favorite doctors.

Jarrod: I'm confident that Sandra will be back for an arc towards midseason or the finale next season and the following season (yes, I'm confident for a Season 12!). How the show will go on? I am not sure. The show has an opportunity for a new chapter; let's hope they don't ruin it.

Steve: They can't replace her, but to think that it can't go on without her is overstating things ... the show was designed to go on without anyone (with the exception of Derek and Meredith), hence the introduction of so many new and memorable characters over the years. Cristina will be missed and was one of the best characters on this or any show, but there's plenty left to keep us watching.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 23 Quotes

Cristina: Did it work?
Bailey: Damn right it did.
Cristina: Up top!

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Meredith: Now, look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t punishment.
Cristina: Thank you for this muffin.

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