Hart of Dixie: Watch Season 3 Episode 20 Online

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As things continue to heat up in Bluebell, so do the hearts of our beloved characters.

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 20, when Lemon and Wade decide to take a break from their busy lives, they run into a highly respected food critic and decide to boost their businesses. The only catch is, this critic only writes about one restaurant per town.

Zoe and George go on their own adventure to track down the same food critic only to be out-smarted by thief.

Wanda and Tom are baby crazy until they babysit for Shelby while she and Brick have a romantic night on the town. As Shelby tries to win Brick over again, George and Zoe have to escape the clutches of the Truitt brothers.

As quick as hearts break in Bluebell new and old love brew just as fast. To see your favorite romances rekindle be sure to watch Hart of Dixie online:

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

My parents checked out after seeing Top Gun, they figured they'd never see anything better


[to Wade] You have heartbreak and I have hostility. Let's take the day off and play hooky