Modern Family: Season 5 Episode 24 Online!

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Cam and Mitchell's wedding day was off to a disastrous start and the bumps keep on coming in Modern Family Season 5 Episode 24.

After Pepper convinces the firefighters to let them have a half hour, the winds require they evacuate immediately.

Sal's water breaks but luckily Phil got ordained online! There is an ongoing joke about Luke and Manny acting like an old married couple.

Haley flirts with the idea of something more with Andy, but Alex warns her to be careful.

The second destination is ruined by a runaway bride. The third destination involved cramming everyone into Mitchell and Cam's house.

Just when the guys are about to give up on the wedding, Jay saves the day and makes it up to Mitchell. Find out what Jay did to redeem himself when you watch Modern Family online!


Modern Family Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

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Just so you know sometimes when babies come this early, they're black.