NCIS Season Finale Pics: Honoring Thy Father

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NCIS will change it up for its Season 11 finale next Tuesday.

Instead of featuring a major death or shocking cliffhanger, the highest-rated show on television will pay tribute to Ralph Waite, the actor who recurred for years as Jackson Gibbs and passed away in February.

On "Honor Thy Father," Leroy Jethro Gibbs heads home when he learns that his dad has passed away. The entire NCIS team then turns out to mourn this loss in what is sure to be a heartfelt NCIS Season 11 Episode 24.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean there isn't a case to be solve. When a man is murdered on a secret Navy detention vessel, the NCIS team must figure out if this could be a diversion to help a terrorist escape.

Grab a box of tissues and click through these photos from the NCIS Season 11 finale:

Here is a look at the finale's official network trailer:

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 24 Quotes

Rivera: I have freed the devil's men. And they hate you as much as I do. Sooner or later, they will strike.
Gibbs: The only one who escaped was Lateef Mir. That's him. They let you watch TV in here? You should turn on the news tonight. You'll see his picture. Your picture. It'll be great.

Gibbs: Cal, do something for me?
Cal: Sure. Anything. You want me to lock the back up?
Gibbs: I want you to take the store. Cheers. It's what dad would have wanted.
Cal: But I... I'm not... I mean, I don't even know how...
Gibbs: Just do the work.
Cal: I will.