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While trying to fix their mistake in the Enchanted Forest of the past, Emma believes she witnesses her mother's death and she is devastated.

Then she and Hook realize that if Emma still exists, Snow White must still be alive in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22

As they set the timeline right again, Emma must break out of Regina's prison where she rescues another woman and she and Hook manage to bring her back to Storybrooke.

Back home, Emma decides to stay and falls for Hook when she realizes all he's given up, including selling the Jolly Roger in order to save her. Rumpel and Belle get married.

The Charmings name their son Prince Neal and Robin and Regina appear to be a happy couple until they meet the woman Emma brought back from the past. It's Marion, Robin Hood's presumed dead wife. 

Back at the time portal, someone else steps through. It appears to be Queen Elsa from the world of Frozen.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Hook: What the hell are you doing? You're depriving me of a dashing rescue.
Emma: Sorry. The only one who saves me is me.

It's how you know you really got a home. When you leave it there's this feeling you can't shake. You just miss it.