Orphan Black: Watch Season 2 Episode 6 Online

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On Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 6 Sarah and Helena go on a road trip to find the swan man. They bond and we learn more about Helena.

Helena and Sarah split up, and Helena gets a boyfriend. She works fast!

Sarah tracks down the swan man and is in for a shock when someone familiar answers the door.

All the while, two men are hot on the trails of Helena and Sarah. One will be successful in capturing his prey.

Allison tries to make a go at rehab, but doesn't think she's a drunk. When she sees Vic in the program, they grow closer.

A friend of Cosima's joins her team the the Dyad. He immediately picks up on some useful information. Delphine asks that he keep it to himself.

Find out about all this and more when you watch Orphan Black online.

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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Helena: White Russian?
Jesse: Pork rind?

Felix: Arthur, you beast. I'm not even taking any new clients.
Art: Oh yeah?
Felix: Yeah.
Art: Then how about you take your hand off of my ass?