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On Salem Season 1 Episode 5 the coven starts to lose faith in Mary as she starts to lose control of her own feelings and over Mercy.

Mercy discovers she has far more power than she realizes and marks someone for death.

Alden and Cotton work together to capture a witch. They have a piece that's essential to the Grand Rite. Will they be successful?

What will the necromancer learn from Hooke about Alden's dark secret and how will they use the information? Learn the answers to this and more when you watch Salem online.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Glorianna: So you would buy me outright?
Cotton: I'm an only child. I never learned to share.
Glorianna: Which is as close as a man like you comes to an apology. Was it really so very painful for you to see me with another?
Cotton: Yes. Will you be mine?

Mary: What do you want girl?
Mercy: I want it to stop. The torture, the torment, the suffering... or I will tell them. I will tell them all who and what you are.